Title: Destroyer of Mountains

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Cabrakan Guide

Cabrakan is a guardian best suited for the solo lane in Conquest. His high base damage allows him to bully most other solo laners and snowball the lane. Focus on clearing the wave quickly with your 2, ‘Tremors’, and look for opportunities to stun your opponent into walls with your 1, ‘Seismic Crush’, for extra damage. If you get an early kill, use your lead to dominate the lane.

In team fights, Cabrakan works best as a secondary frontliner. You want a main tank to initiate, then you follow up with your ultimate, ‘Tectonic Shift’, and 2 to cause chaos. Cabrakan synergizes well with gods that have knockups to combo with his ult. He can also duo lane with high damage hunters to get early kills.

To maximize your abilities, always stun enemies into walls with your 1 for bonus damage. Your 2 is great for clearing waves and securing objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury. Use your 3, ‘Refraction Shield’, mainly for mobility since the damage is low. Your ult is best used to zone enemies, block paths, and trap enemies against walls. Drop it on objectives to secure them while damaging the enemy team.

In teamfights, your role is disruption and peel. Use your 1 to stun priority targets, your 2 to damage everyone around you, and your ult to split up the enemy team. Get in the middle of fights to be as annoying as possible. Peel for your damage dealers with your abilities if enemies dive them.

Cabrakan causes chaos for the enemy team. Play aggressive in lane to get ahead, then transition that lead to teamfights. Your abilities combo well for high damage, so look for opportunities to trap enemies against walls or in your ult. Cabrakan can carry games through disruption and base damage if played properly. Practice landing your abilities and knowing when to engage vs peel in teamfights.

In Joust, Cabrakan plays very similar to Conquest. Focus the squishy damage dealers on the enemy team with your abilities while peeling for your own damage dealers. Your ult can block off paths in the jungle and trap enemies. In Arena, play very aggressively. Build full damage and tank to run down enemies and dish out huge damage with your combo and ultimate. Blink is very effective for engaging in Arena.

With practice, you’ll be shaking the battleground and dominating as the tremor-bringer Cabrakan in no time. Disrupt, zone and peel your way to victory by learning to effectively utilize Cabrakan’s moveset to the fullest.

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