Title: Deadly God of Bats

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Sustain, Great Jungler

Camazotz Guide

Camazotz is one of the strongest assassins for competitive play. In the right hands, his sustain, mobility, and damage potential allow him to dominate games.

In the laning phase, Camazotz excels in the solo lane. Focus on clearing the minion wave and poking the enemy solo laner. His Screech ability does significant damage if landed, and can hit the whole wave. Do not be afraid to use Bat Out of Hell to leap onto the enemy if their escape is down. At level 5, landing Night Terror usually results in a kill. The damage from Screech and Bat Out of Hell on the way down destroys squishy targets.

For builds, prioritize power and cooldown reduction. Always start with Warrior’s Blessing, then build Jotunn’s Wrath. Maximum cooldown reduction means more damage and sustain. Next, get Hydra’s Lament for ability cancels and lifesteal, and Bloodforge for more lifesteal and a shield on kills. Last two items should be defense to avoid being focused, and more damage like Heartseeker. Consumables like power potion allow Camazotz’s abilities to kill squishy enemies outright.

In the mid-game, Camazotz dominates the jungle. Gank middle lane and duo lane constantly, invade enemy buffs and farm. Place wards to countergank wherever the enemy jungler appears. High mobility from the leap and self-healing means Camazotz can farm quickly and gank frequently without recalling. In teamfights, target the mage or hunter. Screech disrupts them, then use Night Terror or Bat Out of Hell to engage for heavy damage before leaping out to heal and re-engage. The passive, Bloodthirst, provides increased power at lower health, allowing continued aggression even when low.

Late game, keep diving squishy targets, stealing objectives and farm, and pushing any level/gold lead. Build one or two hybrid defense items to avoid being burst down easily. High mobility and sustain make it simple to bait abilities and skirt fights dealing damage. A farmed Camazotz can take over late game.

Overall, Camazotz requires farming quickly, frequent ganking, building power and cooldown, and abusing mobility and sustain. Continuously pressure the map by stealing camps and ganking. In teamfights, dive for kills then escape before being focused. Ahead or behind, Camazotz has the tools to swing fights for a team. In the right hands, Camazotz is a menace.

In Joust and Arena, Camazotz plays similarly. Focus early farm, poke enemies with ranged abilities. Look for opportunities to dive onto enemies with the leap and Night Terror, secure kills to snowball. Build power and cooldown reduction, move frequently. Gank lanes when enemies are pushed up, and group in Arena to focus key targets. Self-sustain means taking risks to get kills without relying on a healer. A hybrid damage build deals high damage while surviving focus in team fights where assassins are often priorities.

Overall, the keys to mastering Camazotz are: farm quickly; gank frequently; build power, cooldown, and defense; abuse mobility and sustain; continually pressure the map for objectives and kills; team fight by bursting squishies then escaping; and snowballing a lead ahead while swinging fights from behind. In the right hands, Camazotz dominates ranked and competitive play.

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