Title: God of Rain

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Sustain

Chaac Guide

Chaac is a dominant solo laner who transitions into a formidable teamfighter. In the solo lane, focus on safe farming while harassing your opponent. Rain Dance clears waves and pokes enemies simultaneously. Its healing and mana restore allow you to stay in lane longer. At level 5, aggress: throw your axe, torrent in, slow them with Rain Dance and thunder strike. This deadly combo often secures early kills.

Build Chaac bruiser: Warrior Tabi, Breastplate of Valor and Void Shield give defense and damage. Adapt your build to counter the enemy team. Against healers, grab Pestilence. If their ADC is fed, build Midgardian Mail. Counterbuilding ensures you never have a bad matchup.

In teamfights, target enemy damage dealers. Toss your axe at the mage or hunter, then torrent in. Thunder strike them, silencing and knocking them up so your team can collapse. While abilities recharge, bodyblock enemy basics with Rain Dance. Its damage reduction and slow protect your allies.

Chaac fits almost any team comp. He provides healing, crowd control and can frontline or dive backlines. Adapt your build and playstyle to your team’s needs.

Secure objectives with your high damage and sustain. Before starting Gold Fury or Fire Giant, axe the objective so you can instantly torrent in if contested. Your ultimate’s silence prevents enemies from stealing with abilities. Drop it on the enemy support or jungler.

Play a big brother role. High sustain means you can protect allies with your body and abilities. Torrent to allies to peel or chase kills together. Your ultimate counters enemy backline dives. Silence and knock them up to discourage further aggression. When pressuring solo lane, gank mid. Your damage and crowd control easily secure kills on the enemy mid laner.

In Joust and Arena, Chaac excels. In Joust, play aggressively early. Poke enemies out and deny them farm; secure any jungle camps to keep your farm up. Teamfight often, as Joust focuses on teamfights. Your ultimate and other abilities turn fights or cement your lead. In Arena, control teamfights rather than chase kills. Protect allies, silence and disrupt problematic enemies. Stay close to your team and use mobility to chase kills or peel as needed. Build mostly defense with some power—your base damage and ultimate still chunk enemies.

In the solo lane, start with Warrior’s Blessing and health chalice. This provides sustain to stay in lane longer. For boots, Warrior Tabi adds power for early aggression. Breastplate of Valor provides physical defense, cooldown and mana – perfect for Chaac. After that, counterbuild.

Against physical damage, build Mystical Mail. The aura damage works well with Chaac’s up-close playstyle, and the health and physical defense shore up his tankiness. If their jungler or ADC is ahead, Midgardian Mail’s attack speed slow can shut them down in fights.

Pestilence counters enemy healing. Its magical defense also helps against enemy magic damage. Genji’s Guard is a great all-purpose defense item providing magical, physical and cooldown reductions.

If your team needs more damage, Jotunn’s Wrath gives power, pen and cooldown. Brawler’s Beat Stick applies anti-heal and power. Both add damage without sacrificing Chaac’s tankiness.

Chaac excels with hybrid items. Void Shield reduces enemy physical protections in an aura, helping your physical damage dealers. Runeforged Hammer increases your damage against CC’d enemies, which your kit readily provides.

For maximum cooldown, pick up Mantle of Discord. Its passives also provide magical and physical defense. With 40% CDR, Chaac can near-constantly harass and disrupt enemies.

Your last item should counter the enemy damage type that poses the biggest threat. More health against true damage. Magical defense against enemy mages. Winged Blade for slow immunity. There are many options, so build to the match at hand.

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