Title: Faerie of the Moon

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S

Pros: High Sustain, High Mobility

Chang'e Guide

Chang’e is one of my favorite mages to play in SMITE. She’s super versatile and can dominate in any mode. For landing phase, focus on clearing the wave with your 1 and poking the other guy with your 3 whenever you can. Save your 2 to escape ganks or chase kills.

Chang’e rocks solo or mid lane. Solo, build some defense like Breastplate of Valor or Void Stone so you don’t die, but still hit hard. Mid, go full damage – Doom Orb, Spear of Desolation, Soul Reaver will melt face. Counter build as needed. Chang’e can support too in a pinch – just build auras and max your 1 and 2.

Your 1 hits like a truck, has a short cooldown, and reduces healing. Spam it! Your 2 makes you immune to everything, so save it to dodge ults like Kraken or Kuku tornadoes. Your 3 lowers healing and speeds you up – use it in teamfights to soften up enemies and chase or run away. Your ult stuns and deals huge damage – try to hit as many people as possible, especially squishy damage dealers.

In teamfights, stand on the edge spamming your 1, 3 and ult. Your 2 lets you avoid focus while still fighting, so don’t be afraid to dive in to finish off weak enemies or bail out teammates. Secure Gold Fury or Fire Giant by ulting and using your 3 to zone the other team away. Chang’e controls teamfights, so call the shots and have your team follow up.

Chang’e plays like a high damage mage who also brings a ton of utility. Help your support and jungler get kills in lane. Late game, stick with your tank and rain damage, heals and objective control on the other team. Chang’e’s kit lets her survive while boosting her whole squad. One good ult or 2 can totally change a match.

To really rock with Chang’e, learn her combos and how to land her abilities. A whiffed ult is useless, but a perfect ult will devastate the enemy team. Practice aiming and timing. Know how big your abilities are and their range. Combo your 1 and 3, or hit people with your 3 and ult for huge damage.

In teamfights, bait out abilities with your 2 before countering hard. Your 2 also lets you tank big hits for teammates. Don’t be scared to body block! Just make sure your 2 is up. Your heals from 3 and 1 give you sustain, so use them between fights.

For builds, start Mage’s Blessing and pots. Rush Shoes of Focus for cooldown, then Chronos’ Pendant. Against physicals, get Breastplate of Valor. For damage, Spear of Desolation is sweet. Need anti-heal? Grab Divine Ruin. Void Stone gives defense and damage. Ethereal Staff adds health and power. Soul Reaver destroys tanks. Build to counter the other team.

Chang’e works with any team. Pair her with aggressive junglers or guardians for easy ganks, or play her with late game carries that benefit from her support. She counters healers and short range gods. Avoid playing into long range mages with cripples like Vulcan or Poseidon. Ban Thor and Fenrir so they can’t bait out your 2.

The more you play Chang’e, the more she wrecks face. Her skill cap is high, but her potential is even higher. She dominates ranked and competitive. Put in the work to master this goddess, and you’ll be dancing around enemies on your way to wins.

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