Title: The Ceaseless Whirlpool

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Attack Speed

Charybdis Guide

Charybdis’s unique stance switching mechanic allows her to gain advantages in multiple situations. Once able to consistently rely on the unpredictable nature of Death from Below and double whirlpools, you’ll be bursting enemies and asserting control in teamfights in no time!

Early on, focus on safely stacking Transcendence or Devourer’s Gauntlet. Charybdis’s basics attack often in quick succession thanks to Scylla’s Wail, allowing her to stack efficiently. Level her 3, Death From Below, for surprising opponents and dashed together enemies. Pair Charybdis with high kill potential allies who can follow up on her unpredictable dashes and roots.

Charybdis’s best roles are carry and mid. As carry, Charybdis capitalizes on her stance switching mechanic to bully enemies in lane and stack efficiently. Transcendence helps her ability spam. In mid, Charybdis can dash unexpectedly between lanes for ganks and push waves hard with Whirlpool and Scylla’s Wail. Build cooldown and mana items to grip mid lane.

To teamfight, blink in and Death From Below enemies for massive damage, use Whirlpool immediately root them in place as allies follow up. Drop another Whirlpool on enemies as they retreat and 3 them again if able. Scylla’s Wail auto attacks in quick succession, use it to burst squishies or objectives. Ult in dire situations to gain distance or chase kills.

Charybdis functions as a burst assassin, so build power and penetration to maximize her damage. Play around her stance switching mechanic for unpredictable engages and retreats. Communicate with allies before engaging so they can follow up properly. Charybdis picks single targets for elimination, so call out focused fire to remove priority enemies from the fight. Her high mobility and soft crowd control allows her to chase or escape as needed.

Death From Below is key to mastering Charybdis. Time the dash to pass through as many enemies as possible for huge damage, then instantly root them with Whirlpool. The short delay between abilities catches many off guard. Use Death From Below unpredictably in lane to dash past the wave and root the enemy against the wall, setting up a kill for your support. In teamfights, blink in and dash through the backline, disrupting them as your team collapses.

A well placed Whirlpool zones enemies from objectives or escape routes. Use Whirlpool in chokepoints or in the direction you expect enemies to retreat. The double Whirlpool allows Charybdis to cover a wide area. If possible, place one Whirlpool behind enemies and one in the direction they’ll run to maximize the zones of threat. Scylla’s Wail followed by basic attacks shreds objectives when Whirlpool is down.

Charybdis’s ultimate, The Siren’s Call, allows her to chase kills or escape dangerous situations. Offensively, use The Siren’s Call to close distance and secure kills on fleeing enemies your team has whittled down. Defensively, The Siren’s Call away from threats too great to handle. The movement speed bonus and CC immunity lets Charybdis reposition in teamfights if focused.The Siren’s Call over walls or into the jungle to lose pursuers.

Charybdis is a stance switching menace, disrupting enemies and bursting them down before they realize what hit them. Her kit rewards unpredictable play and mastery over Death From Below. Burst enemies in lane and teamfights, then use Whirlpool and Scylla’s Wail to chase or retreat as needed. Focus on stacking, then build power and pen to maximize her damage. Call targets for your team and choose focused fire over AoE damage. Master Death From Below’s delay and the double Whirlpool setups to leave enemies rooted in place as your team collapses on them. Once you’ve mastered Charybdis’s complex but rewarding kit, no one will escape your siren’s call!

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