Title: The Great Teacher

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Sustain, High Movement Speed

Chiron Guide

To start, focus on farming safely while applying pressure to your opponent during the laning phase. As Chiron, you have superb clear potential with Training Exercise and Masterful Shot,so utilize them to completely clear minion waves and gain advantages in gold and experience points. Your passive, Gift of the Centaur, also provides permanent power and life steal, so the longer you farm, the more powerful you become. Keep the lane pushed when possible so you have opportunities to get kills with Gentle Breeze.

Chiron excels in the duo lane as a hunter, though he functions well in mid also. In the duo lane, partnering with an aggressive support like Ares or Bacchus works excellently since they can create kills for you. Your 1 and ultimate also provide good crowd control for your support to follow up on. In mid, Chiron can overwhelm most mages with his range and clear. Build Transcendence for maximum mana and cooldown reduction.

Ability use is essential to mastering Chiron. Your 1 is your primary clear; use it to fully clear minion waves and chip at the enemy. Your 2 gives a dash, knockup and stun, allowing you to engage or disengage rapidly. Use your 2 aggressively early game to get kills with your support. Your 3 provides damage and attack speed steroids; use this when dueling enemy gods or securing objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Your ultimate is a great zoning tool in team fights. Place it to separate the enemy team, forcing them into your allies. You can also use your ult defensively to peel for yourself or allies.

Regarding your role, you’re the primary source of basic attack and ability damage for your team. Focus objectives like towers, phoenixes and GF/FG. Provide vision with wards since you’re difficult to gank. In team fights, remain on the outskirts and shred enemy gods with basics and abilities. Your 2 allows you to reposition quickly if focused while your ult creates space for your team to get kills. Always be prepared to take objectives after winning a fight.

Dominate your opponents during the laning phase. Your strength lies in outpushing and outfarming the enemy while using your range to apply pressure. Focus on consistent damage through auto attacks between casting your abilities. Secure objectives whenever possible and roam intelligently, only when your lane is pushed. In teamfights, pour damage onto high priority targets using your full combo before cleaning up weaker enemies with basics.

Chiron’s greatest potential comes from optimizing his passive stacks through efficient farming. Build power and penetration to amplify your ability damage. Ability-based items like Transcendence and Jotunn’s Wrath work well. As a late game hyper-carry, focus on power curves to determine itemization. Your primary targets are mages, assassins and enemy hunters.

Remain an unseen threat until ready to unleash your full power. Farm diligently, push objectives and assist allies until reaching endgame potential. Then unleash devastating damage upon key opponents to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Before teamfights, place your ult to control the flow of combat. Focus high damage enemies first before wiping out weaker foes. Take objectives and push lanes as rewards for successful fights.

Through practice, you can unleash Chiron’s full potential to overpower opponents, control teamfights and swiftly claim victory. Master ability combos, farming patterns and objective control. Pour damage onto fragile enemies and shred tanks with %pen. Roam when ahead to spread your dominance across the map. Lead your team to triumph through objective focus and teamfight mastery. With the centaur’s power at your command, you can guide your team to victory.

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