Title: God of Love

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Sustain

Cupid Guide

Cupid is a powerhouse in competitive play if used properly. His burst damage and teamfight control make him a force to be reckoned with. For the laning phase, Cupid should focus on farming and harassing the enemy Carry. His Heart Bomb does massive damage early, so he should throw it on cooldown to poke them down and zone them from the wave. Cupid should max this ability first. The Attack Speed buff on Cupid’s 2 also lets him put serious pressure on the other Carry. He should push the wave under their tower and harass them there—they’ll struggle to dodge his poke and last-hit effectively.

By level 5, Cupid should look for a kill. If he lands his Heart Bomb and Flutters in, pops his 2 for the Attack Speed increase, drops his Ult to stun them, he can blow them up. An early kill will get Cupid snowballing ahead. Once he’s built some core items, Cupid should rotate and take objectives, picking off enemies along the way.

In terms of positioning, Cupid excels in either the Long Lane (“Duo” lane) or Mid. The Long Lane is preferable so Cupid can focus the enemy Support—his burst will make them irrelevant. In Mid, Cupid can gank side lanes and invade the enemy Jungler. Cupid works in most team comps, but pairs best with aggressive dive comps that can follow up on his engage.

Cupid’s 1 (Heart Bomb) is his primary tool. He should toss it whenever it’s up to poke and zone enemies. The stun enables kills or saves allies. Cupid’s 2 (Share the Love) gives him and allies Attack Speed and Movement Speed, so he should use it in teamfights to shred objectives or chase kills.

Cupid’s 3 (Flutter) lets him dash, dealing damage and slowing enemies. He should use it offensively to secure kills or defensively to escape bad situations. Cupid’s Ult (Fields of Love) creates an area that mesmerizes and damages enemies. He should pop this in teamfights to devastate and stun the whole enemy team. Cupid should time it with his allies’ abilities for maximum effect.

As Cupid, his job is bursting single targets and controlling teamfights. He should focus the enemy carries and Support, stunning and bursting them before they can react. Cupid’s Ult alone can win teamfights if used correctly. After winning a fight, Cupid should take objectives—his 2 helps burn through towers and bosses.

Cupid should stay near his Support early. He needs their peel and CC to get kills. They should roam together, gank Mid, and take neutral objectives. In teamfights, Cupid should let his frontline engage before diving the enemy backline. His Support should be ready to bail him out if focused.

Cupid is all about aggression. He should look for picks and skirmishes whenever his abilities are up. Cupid should gank often, invade the enemy Jungler, and contest every objective. If Cupid gets ahead early and builds full damage, he can carry through constant burst. With practice, Cupid can land Heart Bombs and wipe teams.

Cupid’s playstyle takes practice to master, but is rewarding. He should focus on landing abilities, coordinating with his team, and snowballing ahead.

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