Da Ji

Da Ji

Title: The Nine-Tailed Fox

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Da Ji Guide

Da Ji is one of the most impactful assassins in SMITE when played correctly. To excel with Da Ji focus on maximizing her potential early game through ganks and objective control.

In the laning phase, prioritize clearing jungle camps for experience and buffs. Look for any opportunity to gank overextended opponents, especially when their health falls below 60% to activate your passive, Horrible Burns. Use your 1 to teleport behind them, basic attack, drop your 2 to slow them, and ult if needed to secure the kill. Early kills will allow you to snowball and dominate the rest of the game.

For positioning, Da Ji works best in the jungle or as a defensive support. In the jungle, concentrate on farming, controlling objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury, and isolating vulnerable opponents. As support, harass the enemy duo lane with your 1 and 2, then ult them under tower for straightforward kills when your jungle ganks. While Da Ji can work in the solo lane, she struggles against many warriors and guardians so only choose her into favorable matchups.

Da Ji’s kit enables creative plays. Her 1 allows you to teleport through walls to get behind enemies, secure objectives or escape tricky situations. Her 2 is a wide area slow that also reduces healing – utilize it on objectives, jungle camps or in teamfights to manipulate the battlefield to your advantage. Place her ult carefully using terrain, towers or your own teammates to maximize damage by pulling opponents to the center. And always keep in mind your passive, as it’s essential for ensuring early kills so make sure opponents are injured before ulting or ganking.

In teamfights, your primary role is eliminating squishy opponents like mages, hunters or enemy assassins that are out of position. Use your 1 to initiate, drop your 2 to slow them, ult to seclude them, activate your passive and basic attack them until they’re defeated. Then escape before becoming the focus of enemy attacks. Assist your support in controlling objectives, your ult and 2 make securing Fire Giant or Gold Fury straightforward. Communicate with your team to set up high-impact plays together. Play aggressively early game but exercise caution late game until critical enemy carries have been removed.

While Da Ji requires practice to master, she rewards players able to make full use of her kit. Focus on dominating the early game, properly land your abilities and make game-changing plays to carry your team to victory. kidney words to be determined

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