Title: The Legendary Tanuki

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Danzaburou Guide

Danzaburou is a god that requires practice but can be hugely impactful in both casual and competitive play. In the early game, focus on clearing the minion wave as quickly as possible by maxing your 1. This ability provides solid damage and wave clear, allowing you to pressure the enemy duo lane. Look for opportunities to utilize your ultimate on enemies that are out of position, especially the enemy ADC or support. Successfully hitting multiple enemies with your ultimate early can swing a fight in your favor and allow your team to gain pressure.

When determining a position for Danzaburou, he excels as either the ADC or support. As the ADC, build standard damage items such as Transcendence, Asi, and Executioner. Your role is to deal damage from the backline in teamfights. As the support, build defensive aura items like Sovereignty and Relic Dagger. Danzaburou’s peel and teamfight setup potential with his ultimate is immense in the support role. Choose a role based on what will benefit your team composition the most.

Your 1, or Raining Gold, is your main ability for clearing waves and poking enemy gods. Use this ability on the minion wave while also attempting to hit enemy gods, dealing damage to both. Your 2, or Tanuki Trickery, provides great self-peel or can be used to chase down kills. The disarm this ability provides can cripple enemy ADCs, preventing them from dealing basic attack damage. Your 3, or Sly Fox, is tricky to hit but supplies vision, damage, and a short stun. Use this ability to poke at enemies, secure objectives like the Gold Fury, or peel for your ADC.

Your ultimate, or Money Bags, is an extremely impactful ability that can be used in a variety of ways. You can initiate teamfights, peel for your allies, chase kills, or completely turn a teamfight around with this ability. Look for any opportunity to hit as many enemies as possible with your ultimate. The setup potential and playmaking ability of your ultimate is massive.

As the ADC, your role is to deal damage to enemies from a safe distance while being cautious of your positioning. Your self-peel is decent but you must still be careful. As the support, your job is initiating fights, peeling for allies, and controlling vision. Look to set up kills for your team with your 3 and ultimate. Rotate to objectives like mid harpy camps and the Gold Fury. Place wards so your team has vision of potential ganks and objectives. Dominate your lane early so your ADC can rotate quickly.

In Joust, Danzaburou plays similarly to in Conquest but the pace is accelerated. Focus on clearing the first minion wave quickly to gain pressure and look for an early first blood with your ultimate. Build damage items when in the ADC role and aura items when supporting. Control the Joust buffs and Bull Demon King, securing them with your abilities and ultimate whenever possible. Teamfighting is frequent in Joust, so utilize your abilities to peel, chase, and deal damage in the compact Joust corridors. Danzaburou’s impact in Joust can lead a team to victory through early pressure, objective control, and teamfight dominance.

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