Title: Goddess of Strife

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Discordia Guide

Discordia excels at causing chaos and confusion in team fights. Her abilities are designed to disrupt enemies and deal damage to as many opponents as possible. In the early game, focus on clearing the minion wave in mid lane and poking your opposing midlaner with Strife and Unruly Magic. Look for opportunities to combo these abilities on the enemy mid for high burst damage. If your jungler ganks, use Eris’ Blessing to slow the enemy and secure an easy kill.

In team fights, spam Strife and Unruly Magic to damage and disrupt as many enemies as possible. Stay on the edge of the fight and throw these abilities into the thick of combat. Only move into closer range when Eris’s Blessing and Golden Apple of Discord are available. Use Eris’s Blessing to single out important targets like the ADC or midlaner. Slow them to make them easier for your teammates to focus down. Your ultimate, Golden Apple of Discord, can completely change the tide of a fight. Look for the perfect chance to hit as many enemies as possible with the stun and damage. Try to time it so your teammates are ready to follow up for maximum impact. After using your abilities, fall back to continue spamming Strife and Unruly Magic until Eris’s Blessing and Golden Apple of Discord are available again.

Discordia works best in mid lane, though she can flex to solo or carry in some team compositions. In mid, focus on farming safely, poking the enemy mid and setting up kills with your jungler. As a solo laner, play defensively early and look to make rotations to middle lane and the duo lane once you gain pressure. As a carry, focus on clearing the minion wave and harassing the opposing carry out of lane with your burst damage. In team fights, move away from your support to avoid being focused but stay close enough to follow up if they crowd control an enemy.

Some tips for success with Discordia:

Build cooldown reduction and mana items to maximize your damage and crow control potential. Spear of Desolation and Chronos’ Pendant are excellent options. Combo Strife and Unruly Magic for high burst damage. The abilities work very well together. Use Eris’ Blessing to slow enemies chasing your teammates, then follow up with extra damage. The slow can really save a teammate in danger. Your ultimate is fantastic for controlling objectives. Drop Golden Apple on contested objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant to stun enemies trying to contest. Your team can then easily secure the objective.

In Joust and Arena, Discordia plays similarly to Conquest but team fights happen more often. In Joust, focus the enemy damage dealers with your abilities and secure kills with your jungler. In Arena, spam your abilities to damage and disrupt as many enemies as possible. Look for opportunities to combo multiple enemies with Golden Apple to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Discordia’s role is to provide disruption and damage from a distance. Work with your support and jungler to get early kills, then transition into a mobile damage dealer in the midgame. Your crowd control and area of effect damage can turn team fights in your favor. Focus on damaging as many enemies as possible with your abilities, then retreat if they try to focus you. A well-timed Golden Apple can change the game, so look for good chances to stun grouped up enemies. Overall, Discordia excels at frustrating opponents and giving your team an edge through the chaos she creates.

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