Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen

Title: The Illustrious Sage

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Attack Speed

Erlang Shen Guide

In the laning phase you want to focus on clearing the wave as fast as possible while poking the enemy laners with your 1. Erlang Shen has great early clear with his dog, so you can often gain lane pressure and steal away buffs or proxy waves. I like to start in the solo lane, but Erlang can work in jungle or even as an aggressive support. In solo, rush Warrior Tabi and build defense as needed.

For team comps, Erlang works great when you have another frontliner who can engage first. Let them go in, then follow up with your 1-2 combo. Your 3 is also great for peeling squishies or securing kills. Adapt your build to the enemy team – if they have healing get Pestilence, if crit build Spectral Armor. Erlang can flex to fit any comp.

To excel with Erlang, learn to weave auto attacks between abilities. His 1-2 combo plus autos does substantial damage early. In teamfights, open with your 1 to immobilize key targets, then ult multiple enemies. Your 3 is great for chasing or escaping. Use it preemptively in fights – the knockup and damage reduction will shift the tide.

As Erlang, your role is to disrupt enemies and enable kills for your damage dealers. In fights, focus the enemy squishies or mages first. Taunt or root them so your teammates can collapse. Your ult gives you damage and protections, so don’t hesitate to dive the backline. However, don’t forget to also peel for your own carries using your 3. Help secure objectives by tanking towers or tying up enemies with your CC.

A few more tips: Your 1 is a root, so enemies can still attack. Follow up immediately. Your 2 gives you an attack speed steroid – capitalize by weaving autos. The heal on your 3 scales with your health, so build some health items. Your ult knocks up in a line, so try to position enemies in a straight line before activating. The fatal flaw enables you to stick to targets, so save it for chasing or escaping. Blink works great on Erlang for surprise engages.

Erlang Shen is a versatile warrior who excels at disrupting enemies and controlling teamfights. Build defense and CDR, master weaving autos between abilities, and focus on empowering your damage dealers. Peel for your carries and dive enemy backlines when needed. With practice, you’ll be leveraging Erlang like a veteran in no time!

To dominate with Erlang in lane, clear fast and proxy waves when you can to gain a farm advantage, allowing you to finish core items before rotating. Steal enemy buffs if the jungler ganks other lanes. Poke opponents with your 1 to gain lane pressure and force them to back, allowing your minions into tower. Rotate once you gain a lead to help in mid fights or invade jungle.

In teamfights, focus high priority targets first. Root the enemy mid or ADC with your 1, then follow up with your 2 and ult. Use your 3 for damage reduction and chase/escape. Your ult knocks up enemies in a line, so try to position them strategically. The fatalis effect lets you stick to targets, so save it for key moments. Blink allows for surprise engages on the enemy backline. After disrupting enemies, peel for your damage dealers or secure objectives.

Erlang Shen dominates teamfights through CC and disruption. Your 1-2 combo and ult control enemies, enabling your team to destroy opponents. Adapt to each match by counterbuilding; get Spectral Armor against crit, Pestilence for healing reduction, etc. Build health and protections to scale your 3 heal and stay in fights longer.

Erlang Shen is a dominant warrior who controls teamfights and enables allies. Sharpen mechanics, adapt your build, and make strategic decisions in each match to truly master this complex God. Follow these tips and you’ll dominate in competitive play through disruption, chase, and objective control. With practice, you’ll leverage Erlang’s versatile kit to gain advantages in any match.

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