Title: Goddess of Magic

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S

Pros: High Area Damage, High Crowd Control

Eset Guide

Eset is a burst mage that excels in a solo or mid lane position. Focus on controlling your lane early by clearing waves quickly with Spirit Ball and Wing Gust. Look for opportunities to poke the enemy god with Spirit Ball, then follow up instantly with Curse of Darkness to slow them and dump the rest of your kit on them. Getting early kills will give Eset a strong lead that she can carry over into the mid-game.

For builds, prioritize damage and cooldown reduction. Eset lacks mobility, so wards are essential. In mid, farm safely while controlling the lane. In solo, Eset can bully many opponents and clear fast. From either lane, rotate when needed but farm is key. Eset’s abilities are designed for safe, long-range clear and damage.

To maximize Spirit Ball, lead your target to land the double hit. When enemies are close, drop Wing Gust directly on yourself. The initial burst will damage them, then the tornado activates. Use Curse of Darkness to check objectives, jungle camps and slow fleeing foes. Eset’s ultimate, Final Rite, works best after crowd control or to finish off low health enemies. Drop it on controlled enemies for maximum damage.

In teamfights, sit behind your frontline and spam abilities. Look to eliminate squishy damage dealers or lead the tank with Spirit Ball. Your 3 provides strong objective control. Drop it on Fire Giant or Gold Fury, especially if the other team is attempting to take it. The damage and slow will disrupt them, allowing your team to contest and often steal key objectives.

Eset functions as a burst mage with utility. Concentrate on farming, get kills when possible and control objectives and teamfights from a distance using your abilities. Prioritize damage and cooldown reduction, land your skills and make the enemy backline’s lives difficult. A well-played Eset demands attention, creating opportunities for your own backline to excel. With the right positioning and timing, Eset is a magical menace that competitive teams must respect.

Overall, Eset works best firing abilities from behind her frontline in teamfights, controlling objectives and picking off out-of-position enemies. Farm efficiently, build damage and cooldown reduction and make the enemy team’s life difficult with well-placed and well-timed abilities. An Eset that lands her abilities and pressures key map points is a force to be reckoned with. Focus on positioning, cool down management and target selection to maximize your effectiveness.

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