Title: The Lord of Glittering Gold

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Defense, High Mobility

Fafnir Guide

In lane, focus on bullying the enemy carry and support. Fafnir has decent clear and CC for mad aggressive plays. Poke with your 1 whenever you can and look for chances to go full dragon mode, especially if your carry has strong early game like Cupid or Anhur. Get your buffs and steal the enemies’ for an early lead.

Fafnir is best as a support with a mobile carry like Hou Yi or Xbalanque who can follow up on your CC. But Fafnir can also solo if needed since his 2 heals him and his ult gives him damage. For team comps, Fafnir fits dive and objective burn teams. His ult gives movement speed and attack speed so your team can collapse on enemies or melt objectives fast.

Fafnir’s kit allows for aggro moves and controlling objectives. To get kills, blink in, stun a fool, have your team dogpile them, then ult to chase if they run. To get objectives, poke enemies away and ult right before killing the objective. The attack speed will crush the objective before the other team can even get there. In teamfights, stick by your damage dealers. Look for big stuns, ult to boost your team’s damage, then bodyblock and peel for your squishies. Save your 2 to stop enemy abilities.

As support, stay glued to your ADC. Help them farm, get kills, and take objectives together. In teamfights, protect your damage dealers no matter what by peeling, CCing, and bodyblocking. Call the shots to take objectives and tell your team to group up or collapse. Your ult is a team buff so coordinate with your squad to max it. Remind them to use the movement speed to chase enemies or run away. As a tank, your job is to mess up the other team and soak damage and CC instead of your allies. With teamwork, Fafnir can carry his team to the W by making calls and supporting.

Arena and Joust are good places to get better with Fafnir too. In Arena, Fafnir controls enemies and forces their relics. Don’t jump into the first teamfight. Wait for relics to get used, then blink in and stun with your 2 to set up kills for your bursty allies.

In Joust, Fafnir owns the jungle. Rotate fast to mid harpies and force enemies off their buffs. Stealing red buff gives your team an early lead. During sieges, stun enemies under their tower so your team can dive. Fafnir’s ult lets a hunter melt the phoenix. Build health, protections, and CDR to become an unkillable beast.

For build, get a mix of protections, health, and cooldown reduction. As a tank, your role is to frontline, peel, and wreck teamfights. My go-to build:

Start: Guardian’s Blessing, tier 1 boots, health chalice, mana pots. The blessing gives sustain and farm. Finish Plated Greaves for protections then Gauntlet of Thebes. Thebes gives health and protection auras for your team.

Core: Gauntlet of Thebes, Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet. These auras boost your team’s survivability and make you super hard to kill.

Situational: Pestilence for heals, Winged Blade for slows, Spirit Robe for CDR and mitigations. Relic Dagger lowers blink CD. Ethereal Staff gives health, power, and CDR if you want damage.

Offense: Spear of the Magus if your team deals magical damage. Gem of Iso for control after abilities.

Relics: Blink to stun. Bracer, Shell, Sprint, Horrific Emblem depending on enemies.

Potions: Start health and mana chalices, then multi-potions. Elixir of Defense for more tankiness.

With 40% CDR from items and pots, your abilities will be up all the time. The auras and protections make you an unkillable beast. Blink lets you stun, start fights, and feed your team. This build will dominate ranked if you want to climb with Fafnir. Change items based on enemies, but the core makes you super tanky and anchors your team to the win.

So get in there, get aggressive in lane, land some big stuns, boost your team’s damage, and lead the way to victory with Fafnir!

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