Title: Queen of the Valkyries

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Area Damage, Medium Crowd Control

Freya Guide

Freya is a late-game hypercarry mage that requires farm to get online but dominates late game. In mid, focus on clearing waves fast with your 1+2 combo to pressure the enemy mid. Your ganks are deadly, so look for opportunities to rotate. In solo, play safe early and farm. Once you have a few items online, you can bully most warriors.

Positioning in teamfights is key. You want to be in the midst of battle to land big ults, but stay far enough back to not get instantly blown up. Wait for major crowd control abilities to be used before going all-in. Your knockup ultimate combos great with other abilities, so try to combo with your support or jungler.

Freya’s clear and poke are insane. Use your 1+2 to clear waves and harass the enemy. The slow on your 2 makes it easy to land basic attacks. Once the enemy is around half health, look for an all-in with your ultimate. The additional lifesteal and attack speed will usually net you a kill. Be careful using your escape aggressively, since it’s also your only mobility.

Always prioritize the red buff since Freya excels with attack speed and power. Look for kills or ganks on mid harpies since rotating enemies will likely be low health after the buff fight. Make timely callouts to help your team secure objectives. For example, you can sneak a quick gold fury while two enemies go back to base after getting a kill.

Your role in teamfights depends on your build. If building full damage, play like an attack damage carry and wait to clean up kills and objectives. With some defense, you can play like a magical warrior. Protect your backline from enemy dives while pumping out area of effect damage. Use your ultimate when key enemies are grouped, and chase down anyone aiming for your squishy teammates.

Some useful combos:

1+basic attack+2+basic attack – Quick burst combo. Slows and deals high damage. Follow up with ultimate for kills.

3+basic attack+2+basic attack – Blink in, knock up, slow for easy basic attacks, win teamfight. Use purification beads to avoid follow up crowd control.

Place early wards near your lane to spot ganks since you lack an escape before level 5. Your ultimate is also great for stealing objectives or securing kills under tower. When ganking duo lane consider proxy farming the wave behind the enemy tower to deny gold and experience. Protect your attack damage carry by peeling enemies away in fights, since your high damage per second/lifesteal makes you hard to kill.

In joust, focus the tower line. Clear waves with your 1+2 and harass enemies under tower with basic attacks. Save your 3 for peeling or chasing. In Arena, play like an assassin. Blink into teamfights for big knockups, then chase down kills with your 2 and ultimate. Build cooldown reduction to have your ultimate up for every teamfight.

Freya requires efficient farming but dominates late game. Punish enemies for being out of position and teamfight wisely by protecting your damage dealers. With the right combos and positioning you’ll melt enemies in no time!

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