Title: God of Earth

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Geb Guide

As Geb, you want to start in the duo lane supporting your ADC. Focus on clearing the wave and harassing the enemy duo. Geb’s Shock Wave ability is great for clearing and poking. Hit the whole wave plus the enemy support or ADC if you can, but don’t spam abilities or you’ll run out of mana. Save your Roll Out escape in case of ganks.

Geb should pretty much always be played as a support in the duo lane. His kit is tailored perfectly for this role. However, in some comps Geb can flex to solo lane, which works best if you have a warrior jungle and mage mid. As support, Geb works with any ADC but pairs best with aggressive hunters like Anhur or AMC who can follow up on your initiation. For mid and jungle, gods with burst damage and crowd control pair well with Geb.

In teamfights, initiate with your Roll Out or Blink into Shock Wave. Try to knock up as many enemies as possible. Follow up with Stone Shield on your ally getting focused. Spam basic attacks to slow enemies with your passive. Use your ult Cataclysm mainly for peel, knocking away threats from your squishies. For objectives, use abilities to CC the enemy team away from Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Zone them out with your large model while your team secures the objective.

As support Geb, your role is to set up kills for your team, protect your backline, and control objectives. Early game, rotate with your jungler to gank mid or solo. In teamfights, peel for your squishy damage dealers and call out targets to focus. Build auras to buff your allies. Buy wards and sentries to provide vision. And secure neutral objectives when the opportunity arises. A good Geb should be a leader in comms, calling the shots and coordinating their team.

Using Geb’s abilities effectively comes with practice. Master the timing of each ability, learn to read your opponent’s movements, and predict where to knock them up or shield allies before damage even happens. A well-played Geb can direct a team through peel, disruption and objective control. Put in the time to learn this guardian and you’ll be spearheading teamfights and leading teams to triumph.

During the laning phase, focus on farming to get Geb to level 5 as soon as possible, so you have all abilities available. Don’t be overly aggressive early, just clear the wave and poke when you can. Once you hit 5, call for your jungler to gank. Blink in to shock wave the enemy duo into your jungler’s damage. Get a kill or at least force them to back. This opens up opportunities to invade their jungle or take Gold Fury.

In teamfights, get in the middle of as many enemies as possible and use Shock Wave to knock them up. Follow with Stone Shield and Cataclysm to disrupt further. Spam “Attack!” to prompt your team to dive in while the enemies are out of position. Target squishy gods and mages first; get them out of the fight so they can’t deal damage. Geb’s base stats allow you to soak up hits without worry so don’t be afraid to tank objectives or body block enemies chasing your allies.

To truly master Geb, you need to understand how to control the pace of the match. Time your invades, ganks and objectives well. For example, don’t start Gold Fury if Fire Giant is spawning soon or if the enemy team is nearby and not showing on the map. They’re likely preparing to contest and you’ll just end up giving them Gold Fury for free. Geb is a setup and counter-engage god, not a finisher, so always go in with your team to follow up. If you get caught alone you have no kill potential. You need to stay with someone who can benefit from your CC and peel.

A top notch Geb will require expertise in micromanaging. Map awareness, tracking enemy cooldowns and movement, timing objectives properly, managing teammates and comms, building situationally – these all separate average Geb players from great ones. Put in effort to get better at each skillset and you’ll be well on your way to dominating teamfights and gaining consistent wins with this epic guardian.

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