Guan Yu

Guan Yu

Title: Saint of War

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Sustain, High Mobility

Guan Yu Guide

Guan Yu is a versatile warrior in SMITE who, when mastered, excels in controlling teamfights and securing objectives. Farm safely in the early game, focus on clearing minions and sustaining in lane with your passive healing and health pots. Poke enemies with your 1 when they overextend, but save most of your mana for clearing waves.

In the solo lane, build hybrid tank items like Shifter’s Shield and Void Shield to box opponents with your 3 and innate tankiness. Max your 3 for the damage immunity and cooldown reduction. Watch for ganks and save your escape. As a support, focus on CDR and aura items to buff allies. Max your 2 first for the prot shred. Pick hunters with high clear like Anhur or Rama. Use your abilities to set up kills for your ADC.

In the jungle, gank often with your ult and build hybrid damage like Jotunn’s Wrath and Frostbound Hammer. Look for blink ults to disrupt teamfights. Help your laners get ahead then group for objectives. Provide vision and shot call objectives when your ult is up.

Guan Yu works well with high pressure solo laners and mages with quick AOE burst like Zhong Kui. He struggles into heavy CC, so consider banning gods like Ares, Da Ji or Ne Zha.

In teamfights, initiate with your ult to scatter enemies then follow up with your 2-1 combo on squishies. Basic attack cancel between abilities and weave autos with your 1’s Taolu Assault stance. Save your 3 for chasing kills or escaping. Blink ult enemy backlines to disrupt. Time your 3 well to immune important abilities.

As a frontliner, protect your damage dealers. Soak damage and CC enemies so your carries can deal damage freely. Although Guan provides healing and utility, let your mage or hunter get the last hit on kills. Build aura and support items to strengthen allies. Focus enemy damage dealers and healers.

In Joust, Guan Yu works best built bruiser. Start Guardian’s Blessing and health chalice for sustain. Clear wave then look for blink ults on enemies pushed up. Save your escape for avoiding ganks. Control the buff camps and get an early lead.

In Arena, build full CDR and auras to support your team. Stay grouped with your healer or mage. Poke and peel with your abilities, using your ult defensively to counter enemy engages. Focus on objectives like securing kills and clearing minion waves. Chase kills when enemies are weak.

With practice, Guan Yu can carry games through teamwork, objective secure and controlling the pace of battle. His versatile kit enables allies and disrupts enemies. Time your abilities carefully, position well and build situationally. Although not the flashiest warrior, Guan provides healing, CC and frontline potential that forms the backbone of a strong team comp.

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