Title: The Vigilant

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Heimdallr Guide

Heimdallr dominates the battleground with a kit tailor-made for controlling the pace of the game. Master this god, and you’ll overrun the duo lane, decide the outcome of teamfights, and exert pressure across the map unlike any other ADC.

In the early game, focus on wave clear and harassing the enemy duo lane with your 1, Piercing Sight. Use it to hit the entire wave and poke at the enemy ADC or support. Your 2, Bifrost Bridge, gives easy gank setups for your jungler. Push lane when your jungler is near. At level 2, Heimdallr gets a powerspike with his 1 and 2. Look to play aggressive and get first blood.

Heimdallr excels in the ADC role where he pumps out damage, but can also mid. In mid, poke your opponent out of lane with Piercing Sight and use your ultimate, Gjallarhorn, to secure kills in side lanes. As ADC, pair with aggressive supports like Ares, Athena or Ymir who can lock down kills for you. Your damage comes online once you have 2-3 items.

Your 1, Piercing Sight, clears waves and pokes. Hit the wave and enemy gods.Your 2, Bifrost Bridge, enables escapes, chases and ganks. Place it so enemies must cross, allowing your jungler an easy gank. Your 3, Vigilant Charge, knocks up and buffs your autos. Use it to escape, disrupt or secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Your ultimate, Gjallarhorn, reveals all enemies and allows you to teleport anywhere. Use it to split push, sneak objectives or join teamfights before leaving again.

In teamfights, stay in the backline dealing damage.Your 3 knocks up divers or pushes enemies into your team. Your ultimate lets you reposition quickly. Secure objectives by knocking up contesters with your 3 and finishing off weak enemies with your ultimate. Your role is high damage ADC. In lane, follow your support and jungler for ganks. Take objectives when the enemy can’t contest. Your ultimate gives map pressure. Look for cross map plays when its off cooldown.

Heimdallr is a strong traditional ADC who brings utility and map mobility with his unique ultimate. His ability to get picks and push objectives from anywhere gives your team opportunities to snowball games harder than with any other god. For any Smite player looking to improve mechanics, game sense, and shotcalling, Heimdallr is the god to practice.

In joust, Heimdallr plays similarly to conquest but with some key differences. Clear wave quickly then look to poke the enemy team out of lane with Piercing Sight. Your ultimate is invaluable for ganking the side lanes and swinging fights in your favor. Play aggressively, chasing down and locking kills on vulnerable targets. Your mobility allows you to effectively chase and survive being focused. Focus on dealing damage and securing kills to carry your team to victory.

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