Title: Champion of Rome

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Sustain

Hercules Guide

Hercules is one of the strongest warriors in SMITE right now. His high base damage, self-healing, and crowd control allow him to control games.

In lane, focus on stacking your passive, Strength from Pain. Use Driving Strike and Earthbreaker to clear waves so you can poke enemies under tower. Don’t be too aggressive early though, since your abilities have long cooldowns. Farm up and get items like Warrior Tabi and Gladiator’s Shield online.

Hercules works best as a solo laner or support. As solo, your job is to farm, get kills when you can, and rotate to team fights. In team fights, initiate with Earthbreaker to disrupt enemies or peel for your damage dealers. Use Driving Strike for damage and kills, and mitigate damage with your 2, Mitigate Wounds.

As support, help your ADC farm and get kills in lane. In team fights, defend your damage dealers from divers by peeling with Earthbreaker and Driving Strike. Use Mitigate Wounds to keep yourself alive in the frontline. Build hybrid with protections and cooldown.

Abilities: Earthbreaker is your main initiation and peel. Use it to stun enemies for kills or interrupt them in team fights. Driving Strike deals high damage and knocks enemies back. Follow up Earthbreaker stuns or use to secure kills. Mitigate Wounds provides self-healing, protections, and damage mitigation. Use frequently in fights to stay alive. His ultimate, Excavate, provides an AoE knockup and major damage. Initiate team fights with it or use for objective secure.

As a warrior, farm efficiently and get kills when you can. Rotate to team fights in mid game and peel or dive the enemy damage dealers. Build protections and cooldown to maximize your CC and survivability. Use Earthbreaker and Driving Strike to initiate, follow up, or peel in fights while healing with Mitigate Wounds. Excavate objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant when your abilities are down.

In lane, poke enemies under tower with Driving Strike after clearing waves. Be cautious of ganks though since Hercules lacks escape pre-level 5. Vision and wards are key. Your support should place wards in the lane bushes and nearby jungle camps.

Once you hit level 5, look for kill opportunities in lane or chances to rotate mid. His ultimate, Excavate, allows you to move between lanes quickly to turn fights in your favor or secure kills. After a successful gank, take the nearby jungle camps or objective if it’s up.

Team fighting is where Hercules excels. Focus the enemy damage dealers and squishies but avoid divers. Your self-healing and abilities allow you to sustain in prolonged fights. Constantly shield yourself with Mitigate Wounds. Use Earthbreaker and Driving Strike to initiate, follow up, or peel as needed. Excavate for damage when your abilities are down. Secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant when you get kills.

Hercules takes skill to master but, when played well, he reigns among SMITE’s premiere warriors. Farm efficiently, rotate quickly, team fight well, and secure objectives to dominate with Hercules. Build hybrid, utilizing his CC and survivability to wreak havoc on the battleground.

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