Title: The Rightful Heir

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Defense, High Sustain

Horus Guide

During the laning phase, Horus should focus on aggressiveness and bullying the enemy duo lane. His passive provides mana regen for poking with his 1, and once you hit level 2 you have kill potential with your combo. I prefer starting in the duo lane to get my ADC fed. Look for chances to combo the enemy ADC or support, using your 1 to slow them, 2 to close the gap and knock up, then ulting behind them so your ADC and you can collapse. This combo at level 2-3 can easily net first blood.

Horus excels in the support role. I prefer pairing him with late game hunters like Rama or Jing Wei who benefit from his peel and engage. Horus can flex to solo or jungle, but his kit really shines in duo lane. In team fights, look to initiate with your 2-1 combo, then ult behind the enemy team with your carry. This disruption and repositioning can turn the fight’s tide.

Your 1 is great for poke, chase, and peel. Use it to harass in lane and save it in team fights to slow enemies chasing allies. Your 2’s knockup combos well with most ults and abilities. Look for chances to combo it with allies’ abilities for high damage. Your 3 provides movement speed, protections, and heals – use it when rotating, engaging, disengaging or in long fights.

Your ult is game-changing. Gank other lanes, move your team to objectives, escape bad situations or reposition in team fights. Practice the timing to master this ability.

As a support, enable your team through setups, peel, and mobility. Help secure objectives by ulting your team in or ulting the enemy away. Assist your jungle in ganks, especially mid. Peel for your backline and disrupt the enemy divers and assassins. Build aura items like Thebes, Sov, and Heartward to boost your team’s survivability in fights.

With practice, you’ll be teleporting your team to victory in no time! The key is learning how and when to utilize your abilities for maximum effectiveness. Your combo and ult, when used properly, can change the outcome of a team fight or even a match. The passive protections from your 3 should not be overlooked either, as in long engagements it provides useful survivability for you and allies.

Positioning is also crucial for Horus. You need to be at the ready to initiate a fight, yet also able to quickly reposition to peel for your damage dealers. Map awareness and communication with your team helps immensely for coordination of your ult ganks and objective control. Building cooldown allows you to have your abilities, especially your ult, available more often which is key to mastering Horus.

While it can take time to get comfortable with Horus’s playstyle, with practice you’ll gain a sense of how to fully utilize his combo, mobility and teamfight control to dominate your ranked and competitive matches. By focusing on enabling your team through damage, disruption and transportation to where they need to be, you’ll find success and victory with Horus.

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