Ix Chel

Ix Chel

Title: The Light Weaver

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Sustain, Medium Area Damage

Ix Chel Guide

Ix Chel is a mage that excels in the mid lane. In the early game, focus on clearing the wave and poking the enemy mid laner. Your 1, Jaguar Claw, does a lot of damage if you can hit both parts, so line it up to hit the enemy god and the minions. Save your 2, Protective Gust, to escape ganks since you’re immobile.

For builds, start with Mage’s Blessing and either Tiny Trinket or Lost Artifact, depending on if you want cooldown reduction or life steal. Finish Chronos’ Pendant first for the cooldown reduction and mana, then go into either Bancroft’s Talon or Divine Ruin if you need anti-heal. Spear of the Magus, Soul Reaver and Rod of Tahuti round out your build.

In team fights, your role is backline damage. Drop your 3, Mother Nature’s Might, on as many enemies as possible to slow them and shred their protections. Use your 1 to poke at and reduce their health. If anyone dives you, drop your 2 and Ult, Blessing of the Moon, to peel for yourself while your team helps collapse on them. Your ult also provides a team-wide heal, so use it to turn fights in your favor.

For securing objectives, your 1 does a lot of damage to Fire Giant and Gold Fury. Start casting it when the objective is around half health, and you should be able to steal it if the other team isn’t paying attention. You can also zone enemies off objectives with your 3 by blocking paths and forcing them to go around it, buying your team valuable time.

Ix Chel works well with setup characters like Ne Zha or Awilix who can pull enemies into her circle of abilities. Tanks with peel like Geb or Khepri are also helpful, since Ix Chel lacks an escape. In team fights, focus the enemy damage dealers first, then the enemy tanks or objectives.

In Joust, Ix Chel can dominate the early game. Clear the wave fast and poke the enemy to gain pressure. In Arena, focus on damaging the enemy team and securing kills. Your ult provides sustain for your team, so use it when allies are low health.

Ix Chel’s damage falls off late game, so end the match as soon as possible. Play safe, build power and cooldown reduction, and use your abilities to control team fights and objectives. Work with your jungler for kills, take objectives as a team, and finish before the enemy ADC is online. With practice, you’ll be securing Gold Furies alone and carrying your team to wins.

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