Jing Wei

Jing Wei

Title: The Oathkeeper

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Mobility

Jing Wei Guide

Jing Wei is one of the top ADCs in SMITE right now. Her mobility and late game damage allow her to control games. In lane, focus on farming. Use Explosive Bolts to clear waves quickly so you can poke enemies under tower with Persistent Gust. Don’t be too aggressive early though, since her abilities have long cooldowns. Farm up and get items online.

Jing Wei works best as the ADC in the duo lane. As the ADC, your job is to farm safely, get kills when you can, and dominate late game. In team fights, attack from a distance behind your tanks. Use your mobility to reposition if enemies dive you.

Explosive Bolts is your main clear and poke. Use it to push waves and chip away at enemies. The knockup can interrupt enemies and get kills. Persistent Gust is for escaping, chasing and rotating. The movement speed allows you to dodge skillshots or chase kills. Fatal Flight enables surprise ganks on mid or jungle. The landing damage helps secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Her ultimate, Agility, provides CC immunity, damage, and attack speed. Use aggressively to get kills in team fights or defensively to avoid CC.

As a hyper-carry, farm as much as possible early and get kills when you can, but avoid risks. Your support should help you farm safely. Mid game, rotate and push objectives with your team. Late game, dominate team fights by shredding tanks and squishies from the backline with Agility’s boosted attack speed. Reposition constantly with Persistent Gust and Explosive Bolts. Objectives are a priority – with Fatal Flight and Agility, Jing Wei takes objectives like GF and FG quickly.

In lane, poke enemies under tower with Explosive Bolts and Persistent Gust after clearing waves. Be cautious of ganks though since Jing Wei lacks escape pre-level 5 outside of her passive. Vision and wards are key. Your support should place wards in the lane bushes and nearby jungle camps.

Once you hit level 5, look for kill opportunities in lane or chances to rotate mid. Persistent Gust allows you to move between lanes quickly to gank or turn fights in your favor. Fatal Flight behind enemies can also result in easy kills, especially in mid where the walls are close together. After a successful gank, take the nearby jungle camps or objective if it’s up.

Team fighting is where Jing Wei dominates. Focus the enemy damage dealers and squishies but kite away from divers. Your mobility and Agility allow you to attack from a distance, avoid damage, and chase kills. Constantly reposition around the edge of the fight with Persistent Gust. Use Explosive Bolts for damage, knockups, and Agility’s passive stacks. Fatal Flight over walls or behind enemies can surprise them, allowing your team to gain the advantage. Secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant when you get kills.

With practice, you’ll propel Jing Wei to new heights. Farm efficiently, rotate quickly, carry team fights, and dominate objectives. She takes skill to master but, when played well, Jing Wei reigns supreme as one of SMITE’s premiere ADCs.

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