Title: Goddess of Destruction

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Sustain

Kali Guide

To start, Kali works best in the jungle role in Conquest. She has high damage and mobility which allows her to gank lanes frequently. For laning, focus on clearing buff camps and the mid harpies as quickly as possible. Look for opportunities to gank mid or duo lane, since those lanes are closest to the jungle. When ganking, lead with her leap, stun and follow up with auto attacks. Use her ultimate for chasing down kills or escaping sticky situations.

A big part of playing Kali well is maximizing her passive. Her passive gives her a stack for each kill or assist. At full stacks, Kali gains bonus movement speed and lifesteal. Look for early ganks to build stacks and gain this advantage. Once her passive is online, Kali becomes very difficult to counter since she’ll be healing through damage and sticking to her targets.

For builds, prioritize power over attack speed early. Items like Jotunn’s Wrath, The Crusher and Heartseeker synergize great with her kit. Late game, Qin’s Sais and Odysseus’ Bow give Kali much needed attack speed. Also consider Magi’s Cloak to prevent crowd control. Kali’s playstyle revolves around basic attacking, so any items that boost her damage or attack speed are good options.

In team fights, look to dive the enemy backline. Kali excels at deleting enemy squishies like mages or hunters. Use your leap to engage, then stun a squishy target with Incense. Unleash a flurry of basic attacks and they’ll melt in seconds. Be very careful though, since Kali herself is quite squishy. If focused, use her ultimate to become damage immune and escape to safety. Kali’s ultimate can also be used aggressively to secure kills on fleeing enemies.

When contesting objectives like the Fire Giant or Gold Fury, let your teammates start the objective and zone enemies away. Kali can pressure enemies extremely hard with her damage and CC. Try to find picks before fights break out. If a full on fight starts, look to dive the enemy damage dealers as usual. Kali’s damage and chase potential can turn the tide of these battles.

Communication with your team is crucial for success with Kali. Let your team know when your ultimate is down so you’re not caught out, and coordinate ganks so your leap and stun are followed up on. Kali synergizes great with other characters who can lock down enemies for her to burst. Communicate with them and focus the same targets. Kali’s passive also makes her a high priority gank for enemies, so ask for wards and call out missing enemies.

Kali also works well in Joust and Arena. In Joust, focus the enemy damage dealers as usual while avoiding the tankier frontliners. Gank lanes when possible and build slightly more defensive to account for less mobility around the map. In Arena, stay with your team and pick off enemies who overextend or get CC’d. Diving the enemy is riskier here due to less escape routes, so be very careful until your passive and ultimate are online.

To summarize, Kali is a potent jungler when played aggressively early. Build power and CDR, maximize her passive stacks, and dive enemy squishies in fights. Her mobility, CC and insane damage make her a real threat, but be very careful without her ultimate. Communicate with your team, call out objectives and work together to get Kali fed and carry to victory!

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