Title: The Dawn Bringer

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Khepri Guide

Alright, let’s dive right in. For the laning phase, you want to start in the duo lane with your hunter. Your job is to babysit them and get them fed. Focus on peeling enemies off your hunter with your root and ult. Don’t be afraid to body block skill shots for them either, you’re naturally tanky. As for builds, you want to go full tank. Build items like Gauntlet of Thebes, Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet. Auras are great since your ult pulls allies to you, giving them the aura buffs.

You can pick Khepri into any team comp, he fits well everywhere. I prefer picking him when we have late game carries like Artemis or hyper carries like Kali. You enable them to reach their full potential. For ability usage, your 1 is your main clear and peel. Use it to root enemies chasing your hunter or to secure early buffs. Your 2 reduces enemy damage, so throw it on your hunter if they get dove.Your 3 is mobility, use it to get in and out of fights and rotate quickly.

Now your ult is tricky. Use it to revive your damage dealers in team fights, but be careful. If they die in a bad spot, you may end up reviving them just to die again. Only ult if you know you can get them out to safety. Your role is a protector. Stick close to your damage dealers in fights, peel for them and keep them alive. Help secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant by tanking it for your team. You are not a playmaker, do not try to dive backlines. Play patient, look for good ult opportunities and make your carries’ lives easy.

Build tanky, babysit your damage dealers, peel and ult to revive. Following these tips, you’ll be climbing ranked in no time and making a name for yourself. Your hunters and mages will appreciate having a quality Khepri support. For ability leveling, max your 1 first for increased root duration and lower cooldown. It’s your main peel tool. Then max your 2 for damage mitigation. Put a point in your ult at level 5, then max your 3 for mobility.

Early game look to pressure the enemy ADC and support. Use your 1 to root them, allowing your hunter to get free poke damage. Look for kills if they get low enough. Be careful not to push the wave too hard, just last hit. You want the wave near your tower so the enemy is in danger. If your jungler ganks, use your 1 to guarantee their damage and secure kills.

Mid game team fights start breaking out. Stick close to your mid and ADC, using your 1 and 2 to peel anyone diving them. Look for a clutch revive on a dead damage dealer to turn a fight, but be cautious. Don’t ult someone if they’ll just die again. It’s better used reviving someone who can reposition to safety. Secure objectives when possible by tanking the Gold Fury or Portal Demon for your team.

Late game is all about defending your backline, reviving them when needed and securing Fire Giant. Stick close to your damage dealers in fights. Look for good revives on them if they get bursted. Be ready to ult them immediately as your revive can be easily interrupted. After winning a team fight, zone enemies while your team does the Fire Giant. Use your mobility to chase down any stragglers.

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