King Arthur

King Arthur

Title: Wielder of Excalibur

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage, High Crowd Control

King Arthur Guide

King Arthur dominates the solo lane thanks to his sustain, mobility, and team fight control. Focus on safe clearing and avoiding poke in the laning phase. Auto attack the wave with passive stacks from your 1 and 3 to conserve mana and stack your Glad Shield. Once you have ultimate and a few items online, look to rotate and impact mid lane and jungle camps.

Arthur fits into most team comps as an aggressive frontline warrior. The only ones he may struggle in are comps lacking backline magical damage, as he requires follow up on his crowd control to secure kills. Adapt your build based on your team’s needs – full tank or hybrid damage. Always prioritize CDR.

Your abilities rely on timing and managing your energy properly. Use your 1 for a knockup or root into basic attacks for burst damage during ganks or on enemy laners. Let your 2 channel as long as possible before releasing for a longer immune duration and damage. Only use your 3 when your energy is high for max healing.

In team fights, your role is disrupting enemies and zoning their backline. Blink or rotate into the fight and combo your 1 and 2 to knock up and stun enemies. Pull dangerous targets away from their team with your ultimate, forcing their relics and abilities. Drop your 3 to body block enemies from your allies or secure objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

King Arthur excels at early ganks thanks to his crowd control and mobility. To gank effectively with Arthur, follow these tips:

Focus on farming safely in the solo lane until level 3 or 5, where you have multiple abilities and your ultimate online. Look for opportunities to gank mid or jungle once you have your full combo.

Build Blink Rune as your relic for easy gank positioning. Blink into lanes and unleash your abilities on unsuspecting enemies. Your 1 provides a knockup, your 2 is a dash that stuns, and your ult pulls enemies away from safety. This amounts to a lot of crowd control for securing kills.

Target squishy enemies like mages, hunters or low-mobility assassins. Arthur’s damage comes from ability combos and basic attacks, so gank enemies you can stick to and lock down. Avoid ganking mobile gods unless your laner has set up.

Start your gank with Blink > 1 for the knockup, then immediately use your 2 to dash in and stun them. Auto attack with your passive and glad shield stacks while the enemy is stunned. Use your 3 for extra damage and healing. When the enemy starts to escape, ult them away from their tower into your team.

Your ult can also be used to dive towers if you have enough health and the enemy is low. Knockup and stun the enemy under their tower, ult them out from under it, then chase the kill with your laner. This risky play can pay off big; but risk comes with the chance of defeat.

King Arthur takes time to master but rewards patience and practice. Focus on farming safely in lane, rotating when needed, and team fighting aggressively to control the pace of matches. Build hybrid or full tank to stay alive and keep disrupting enemies. Your mobility and crowd control allows for big plays that can carry team fights if used properly.

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