Title: King Kappa

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Kuzenbo Guide

Kuzenbo is one of the most unique guardians in SMITE, with his displacement abilities and surprising damage. To master Kuzenbo, focus on learning to utilize his push and pull mechanics to control the enemy team.

In the early game, Kuzenbo wants to play cautiously in the solo lane. Clear minion waves safely under your tower, then look for opportunities to damage your lane opponent with Nene Kappa. If they get aggressive, push them under your tower with Sumo Slam to discourage further engagements. Farm as much as possible early on.

As the game progresses, start rotating and supporting your teammates in team fights. Kuzenbo excels in chaotic team fights where he can wreak havoc in the enemy backline. Due to his unique kit, Kuzenbo works well in solo lane, as a support, or even in the jungle role. Choose your position based on your team composition. If you need a frontline tank, go solo or support. If you have other tanks, jungle Kuzenbo can work to enable early ganks.

Using your abilities effectively is essential to Kuzenbo’s success. Your Nene Kappa is fantastic for displacing enemies into your team or towers and securing kills. When ganking, lead with Nene Kappa to push enemies, then follow up with Sumo Slam to pin them against walls. The knockup from Nene Kappa also combos well into King Kappa for big damage. In team fights, prioritize squishy enemies. Look for chances to isolate carries with Nene Kappa so your team can collapse on them.

As Kuzenbo, your role is disruption and chaos. Get in the enemies’ faces and cause turmoil so your damage dealers can capitalize on opportunities. Use VGS, the in-game communication system, to call out your Nene Kappa and Sumo Slam targets so allies can follow up. Protect your backline, especially mid laner and ADC. Tank objectives and towers for your team. Look to steal objectives when possible with King Kappa’s execute damage.

Kuzenbo’s strength comes from displacing enemies and controlling the flow of battle. To dominate with Kuzenbo requires mastery of his push and pull skills. Practice using Nene Kappa and Sumo Slam to slam enemies into favorable positions for your team. With experience, you’ll be throwing enemies around with ease in competitive matches.

Kuzenbo brings a unique kit to the guardian role in SMITE that takes time to leverage fully. Follow the tips in this guide, continue practicing, and soon you’ll be a pro at disrupting enemies as the mighty King Kappa. Refine your skills in each position that Kuzenbo can fill – solo, support, and jungle. Build situational items to maximize your damage or protections based on what your team needs each match. Learn the ins and outs of all Kuzenbo’s abilities to utilize them swiftly in critical moments. Most importantly, keep a fun attitude, get in there, and start slamming enemies around the battleground! With dedication, you’ll dominate with Kuzenbo in no time.

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