Title: First Knight of the Round Table

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Mobility

Lancelot Guide

To maximize Lancelot’s potential, focus on farming early and not dying. His passive gives bonus gold for last hits, so prioritize farming. I prefer solo lane or mid, where Lancelot can get solo XP and farm. If mid, demand your jungler ganks your lane – with your CC and damage, you’ll get easy kills.

For builds, focus on power, pen and cooldown. Start Transcendence, then Jotunn’s and Hydra’s. Warrior Tabi over tank boots. Late game, Titan’s Bane and Bloodforge maximize damage. With red buff and FG, your damage is insane!

Your ability combos are key. Dash in with your 1, use your 2 for damage, then ult as many enemies as possible. Use your 3 to stick to targets or escape. Your ult wins teamfights, so maximize its impact.

In team fights, you initiate and disrupt. Dive squishy mages or hunters out of position with your 1 and 2. Ult as many enemies as possible – your team can follow up and wipe them. On objectives like GF or FG, ult to zone enemies or steal the objective. Your high damage also shreds objectives when enemies are distracted.

Lancelot snowballs early leads into late game dominance. Play aggressive, demand ganks and farm hard to get ahead. In team fights, dive the backline and use your CC to disrupt enemies. Focus the right targets, land your combos and abilities, and you’ll carry your team.

Early on, clear waves then poke the enemy. Lancelot’s high damage combos and sustain from your 2 let you out-trade most opponents. Ask your jungler to gank – an early kill gives a huge advantage and lets you snowball.

Mid-late game, rotate and farm jungle camps whenever possible to stay ahead in XP and gold. Look for picks on squishy enemies or isolated targets; with your burst, you can often get solo kills. In team fights, dive enemy damage dealers like mages or hunters. Ult as many enemies as possible and your team will win the team fight. Your passive’s bonus gold also lets you finish your build faster.

Late game, your role is still diving squishies and disrupting team fights. But your damage is now insane, allowing you to burst tanks as well. Shred objectives like FG and tower when enemies back or die. End the game as fast as possible, since Lancelot falls off against full builds.

Overall, focus on aggressive and dominating play to get Lancelot ahead early. Farm hard, get kills and press your advantage. In team fights, dive the backline and maximize your ult’s impact. Mastery of Lancelot’s combos, ability usage and targeting the right enemies will carry you to victory. Let me know if you have any questions on mastering Lancelot!

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