Title: The Manticore King

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: Medium Single Target Damage, Medium Area Damage

Martichoras Guide

Martichoras excels in the solo lane, where he can bully the other solo laner early. Focus on clearing the wave fast with your 1 and 3, then look for poke on the enemy laner with your 2. If you land the stun, follow up with more abilities and autos to chunk them down. Once Martichoras hits level 5, his ultimate gives a huge power spike. If the enemy solo laner is around half health, ulting them under their tower is an easy first blood.

In team fights, Martichoras should be in the frontline initiating. Look for a good opportunity to ult multiple enemies at once. Try to catch their damage dealers or guardians to set up your team. After ulting, use your 1 to fear as many enemies as possible. While the 1 is down, basic attack enemy gods that your allies are focusing to stack your passive. The extra protections and damage will help survive longer.

Martichoras can work in solo, jungle or support. In solo, focus on out-clearing and poking your opponent. As a jungler, gank lanes early and often to get your team ahead. In support, play aggressively in lane to get early kills for your ADC. Rotate mid often too, your ult and 1 are great for ganking and securing mid harpies.

Some useful combos:

Ult + 1: Ult to group enemies together, then 1 to fear them all. Your team can follow up on the crowd controlled enemies.

2 (stun) + 3 (dash) + basic attacks: Quick burst combo to defeat a squishy target. The stun lets you land your dash and a few basics for big damage.

1 (fear) + 2 (stun) on a single target: Layering your crowd control will keep an enemy locked down for a long time. Use this to focus a priority target in a team fight.

In team fights, your role is initiator and frontline. Look for a good opportunity to ult, then follow up with your 1 to fear and disrupt as many enemies as possible. While abilities are down, basic attack enemies that your allies are focusing to build passive stacks. The extra protections and power will keep you alive longer. Peel for your damage dealers using crowd control abilities. Martichoras lacks an escape, so be careful not to dive too deep into the enemy team.

In Joust, Martichoras is a strong pick. Focus the enemy damage dealer in fights using your crowd control to lock them down for your team. Clear buff camps fast with your wave clear to get ahead in farm. In Arena, look to ult and 1 as many enemies as possible in team fights. Follow up with basics and abilities on crowd controlled targets to burst them down. Rotate between lanes clearing minions to farm favor and stack your passive.

Martichoras’ role is initiator, disrupter and frontline. He lacks mobility but makes up for it with sustain and crowd control. Mastering how to properly layer abilities and maximize your passive will help in succeeding with this god. Overall, an aggressive and rewarding playstyle if learned correctly.

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