Title: Goddess of Vengeance

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Mobility

Nemesis Guide

Nemesis is an extremely versatile god in SMITE that can dominate in any role or team composition. If you want to run her in the solo lane, focus on pressuring your enemy early. Use your shield to negate damage while hitting them with basic attacks, especially when they’re under tower. If your lane opponent is playing too safe, look for opportunities to gank mid and get your mid laner ahead.

In the jungle, Nemesis is all about farming and ganking. She clears camps with ease, so prioritize farming and watch the map for any overextended enemies you can delete with your ult. Nemesis’s ultimate is probably one of the best kill-securing abilities in the game. In team fights, your top priority is taking out enemy damage dealers like the mid, ADC and jungle. Wait for your frontline to engage first, then dash in, slow the enemy carry with your 2 and hit them with your ult. By the time they come out of the ult, they’ll have barely any health left and will be scrambling to escape. While your ult is down, stick close to your support and peel for them and your damage dealers.

No matter which role you play her in, you’ll want to build Nemesis as a tanky assassin. Items like Jotunn’s Wrath, Void Shield and Masamune give you a perfect balance of damage and protections so you can shred through squishies but not get instantly blown up in fights. Nemesis’s ult also gives you a ton of objective control, so try to force fights at the Gold Fury or Fire Giant when you have numbers. Her shield makes Nemesis really difficult to box as you can time it to block a lot of incoming damage. If used well, the other player will be at a major disadvantage.

Nemesis’s 2+ult combination is certain death for squishy enemy gods. Bait their escape abilities with your shield or 1, slow them down and there’s no getting away from your ult. Be very mindful when using your ult in team fights though, as the channel leaves you open to damage and CC. Only ult if enemy CC abilities and cooldowns are baited and you know you have a way out afterwards. Thanks to her passive, Nemesis also shreds objectives. Make sure to group as a team to secure contested objectives like GF or FG. While doing an objective, support your support in zoning the enemy team!

In summary, mastering Nemesis requires patience, precision and teamwork. Focus on farming in the early game, keep an eye on the map for ganks and objective opportunities. In team fights, dive the backline at the right moment to eliminate damage dealers. Building hybrid allows Nemesis to survive in the thick of battle to support allies. With regular practice using her abilities properly, combos and playing around objectives, you’ll be carrying team fights and controlling the pace of the game in no time! The key is using your abilities deliberately and making the right choices about when to engage or peel. If you do, Nemesis has the potential to be an absolute menace that the enemy team won’t know how to deal with. Keep at it, learn from any mistakes and Nemesis mastery will be within your grasp!

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