Title: Goddess of Victory

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Defense, Medium Crowd Control

Nike Guide

Nike is a warrior best suited for the solo lane. Her passive, To Victory!, provides power and movement speed for each objective your team secures, giving her great late game potential.

In the laning phase, focus on clearing the wave and poking the enemy solo laner. Use Plan of Action to hit the whole wave and get an auto attack or two on your enemy. Look for opportunities to dash in with Valiant Leap, throw your shield with Sentinel of Zeus to slow them, get some autos off, then Leap away. This combo maximizes your damage while minimizing the chance of getting ganked.

Nike works best in solo lane. However, she can also jungle or support depending on your team comp. As a jungler, her clearing and mobility allow her to rotate quickly and gank effectively. As support, max her 2 first to help clear wave and look to be aggressive with your solo laner, setting up kills with your CC and damage. Build tanky in either role.

Nike’s abilities revolve around buffing herself and debuffing enemies. Her 1 provides power and protections to allies in a radius. Use it in teamfights to strengthen your team before engaging. Her 2 damages and slows enemies in a line, also reducing their power. Fire it through the enemy team to debuff as many as possible. Her 3 is a leap that knockups enemies. Use it to engage teamfights by leaping in and knocking up priority targets. Her ult knocks up and stuns enemies in a radius. Pop it in the center of a teamfight to lock down the entire enemy team so your damage dealers can eliminate them.

As the game progresses, focus on teamfighting and securing objectives. Your passive provides permanent buffs for each objective taken, so rotate to Gold Fury, Fire Giant and towers frequently. In teamfights, dive the backline with your 3 and ult to lock down squishies so your damage dealers can eliminate them. Your 1 and 2 provide excellent peel for your backline as well. Play frontline and use your 2 to reduce enemy damage output. Most importantly, secure those objectives and reap the benefits of your passive!

In Joust, a casual 3v3 mode, Nike is also a great pick. Focus on aggressively clearing the first wave to hit level 2 first. Look for an early gank opportunity on the enemy mage or hunter, as your dash and slow make securing kills on squishies easy. In Arena, a 5v5 all-out brawl, build full tank and play as an initiator. Dive the enemy backline with your 3 and ult, then peel for your damage dealers with your 1 and 2. Your passive isn’t as useful here, so focus on setting up kills for your team.

Nike excels in the late game, so avoid risky plays early that could put you behind. Farm safely, win lane and rotate for objectives. In teamfights, use your mobility and crowd control abilities to engage and lock down enemies for your damage dealers.

Nike is a dominant late game warrior who secures victory through objectives and teamfights. Master utilizing her abilities to engage, peel and buff your team, and you’ll be securing wins in no time. Focus on maximizing her passive by rotating to objectives, then dive the enemy backline in teamfights to lock down squishy targets. Nike rewards patience and team play.

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