Title: Goddess of Night

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C

Pros: High Crowd Control

Nox Guide

Let’s face it, Nox is one of the most annoying mages to lane against in SMITE. Her combo potential is absurd and when ahead she bursts you down before you can even fire a basic attack. But how do you master the shadowy sorceress and dominate with her sinister spells? Here are some tips for unleashing your inner Nox.

Nox is traditionally always a solid pick for new players. I’ve found that it’s just a really good pick almost every season too.

Early game, focus on clearing the wave with your 2 (siphon darkness) and then poking the enemy god with your 1 (shadow lock). The damage from this combo is deceptively powerful and the heal from siphon darkness will keep you topped off. At level 5, look for opportunities to go all in when your ult (night terror) is up. Nothing is more rage-inducing than getting hit by a Nox combo into her ult stun. Play safe until 5 since without ult Nox is vulnerable.

In team fights, Nox plays the role of control mage. Look to silence grouped up enemies with your 3 (shadow barrier) and then combo lock down priority targets like the hunter or jungler. Your ult can turn an entire team fight if lined up properly. Play around your ult cooldown and don’t go too deep until it’s back up.

Nox pairs well with aggressive junglers like Thor who can set up her lethal combos. She also does great with other burst mages like Poseidon or Zhong Kui that can 100-0 enemies. If possible, grab Nox when your team has other magic damage and CC to round out the composition. She can struggle without these.

Build lots of CDR and mana on Nox so you can spam those combos repeatedly. Items like Chronos Pendant, Book of Thoth and Charon’s Coin are great for raw power and keeping your abilities firing. For relics, consider Blink to dive in for the perfect ult or Purification Beads to ensure your combo goes uninterrupted. Stay at a safe distance in team fights. Pick off targets with your combo and save your ult for the perfect opportunity. BEADS! Buy beads so you don’t get interrupted mid-combo and waste all your abilities.

Nox takes practice to master but is so satisfying once you start dominating team fights with your arsenal of shadow magic. Follow these tips and even pro mages will rage quit from your CC chains and burst damage. Now go forth and make your opponents dread the long dark!

Nox also brings her control mage talents to Joust and Arena. In Joust focus on poking your lane opponent and clearing the wave. Look for chances to combo enemies who step out of position, then zone opponents away from the buffs and objectives until your team can secure them.

In Arena stay with your team and combo any enemies who get grabbed or stunned. Your massive AoE ultimate and silence are great for this mode. Be very careful blinking aggressively here as there are no lanes to juke through. Wait for the perfect chance to ult multiple enemies at once.

Nox is a combo mage that relies on timing her abilities precisely. Build CDR and Mana, focus on clearing the wave and poking early, then look to zone and burst enemies in the mid to late game. Pair Nox with aggressive teammates and other burst mages for maximum effectiveness. Practice landing your full combo and manage your positioning well in team fights.

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