Nu Wa

Nu Wa

Title: Guardian of Heaven

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: SS

Pros: Pusher

Nu Wa Guide

Nu Wa is a burst mage best suited for the mid lane. Early game, focus on clearing the wave with your 3 (Shining Metal) and poking enemies with your 1 (Mysterious Fog). Look for kills at level 5 when your ult (Fire Shards) comes online. Nu Wa’s ult deals massive damage, so coordinate with your jungler for ganks when it’s up.

Nu Wa works best in mid, but can flex to solo if needed. Build damage and CDR to spam your abilities. Pair Nu Wa with aggressive junglers like Thor or Fenrir who can lock down enemies for your burst. Nu Wa also works great with other mages that can blow up targets fast like Scylla, Poseidon or Anubis. Pick Nu Wa when your team needs magic damage and wombo potential.

In team fights, stay on the outskirts and look for the perfect ult. Wait for enemies to group up, then drop your ult right in the middle of them. Follow up with your 3-1 combo on any survivors. Your 2 (Minion Summon) can body block and explode on enemies for extra damage. Use your 3 for zoning areas or securing objectives like Fire Giant when enemies try to contest. Communicate with your team, especially your jungler. Coordinate ganks in mid and team fight focuses to get the most of Nu Wa’s burst. Depending on the game you can consider a jungle run sometimes.

Build CDR, Mana and Power. Items like Chronos Pendant, Book of Thoth and Charon’s Coin are perfect for Nu Wa. Consider Blink as your second relic. Blink allows you to dive right into the enemy team to drop your ult. Be very careful using it aggressively though!

Stay behind your frontline in fights. Look for the opportunity to ult, then combo any survivors. Don’t overextend without your ult. Manage your mana well. Nu Wa’s abilities cost a lot of mana, so be conservative until you have some items built. Don’t spend it freely.

Use your 3 before your 1 for the damage boost. Your 3 leaves a mark that amplifies the damage of your 1. Practice landing your ult on multiple targets. Nu Wa relies on her ult to burst enemies in fights. Place wards in mid and call out when your ult is down so you don’t get ganked. Without ult, Nu Wa is an easy target.

Nu Wa takes practice to master, but once you master landing multi-target ults, she dominates team fights. Follow these tips to unleash your inner burst mage and climb ranked in style! Now get out there and show the enemy team why they need to fear the Shining Metal!

Nu Wa also brings her burst talents to Joust and Arena. In Joust focus the enemy mage or hunter and clear wave fast, then group up with your team to wombo enemies. Carefully ult behind the enemy to zone them into your allies. In Arena, stay grouped and wait for the perfect chance to blink ult multiple enemies at once. Follow up targets to combo them out of the fight, then retreat behind your frontline. Be very wary of using Blink without allies nearby in Arena as there’s nowhere to escape!

Nu Wa is a combo mage that relies on timing her abilities precisely. Focus on farming early, then look for kills at 5 when your ult is up. Build CDR and mana, pair with aggressive teammates and other burst mages. Practice landing max range ults and managing your mana. Position carefully in fights, wait for the perfect chance to dive in, drop your ult and combo enemies. Nu Wa can single-handedly win team fights when played well, through her massive damage potential alone.

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