Title: The Allfather

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage, High Crowd Control

Odin Guide

Optimal Laning Phase Strategies

Odin excels in the solo lane during the laning phase. Focus on clearing minion waves efficiently with your Raven Shout and Lunge combo. Save your shield for avoiding ganks or diving the enemy tower. Build power and defenses to box the enemy solo laner. Rotate for mid harpies and try to secure kills when the enemy is out of position.

Best Positions and Team Comps

Odin works best in the solo lane, but can flex to support if needed. As a solo laner, Odin pairs well with a magical jungler like Ao Kuang. As support, pick Odin when your carry has early pressure like Ullr or Chronos. Odin needs follow-up damage to maximize the utility of his ultimate, so pick him when your team has bursty assassins or mages.

Ability Tips and Tricks

Use Raven Shout to help clear waves and poke the enemy. The slow can also set up kills for your jungler on a rotation. Lunge’s knock up immunity and burst damage make it a great engage and escape.

Odin’s shield mitigates damage and provides power, but also slows you. Activate it before ulting for extra power, but be careful as the slow can allow enemies to easily escape your ring.

Odin’s ult, Ring of Spears, is best used to trap enemies without escapes or secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Blink is core on Odin to set up perfect ultimates. Drop your ult on enemies and have your team follow up while they’re trapped.

Role and Teamwork

Odin is a warrior focused on control and burst damage. In team fights, look to isolate and trap the enemy damage dealers or support, while peeling for your own backline. Coordinate with your team to blow up enemies trapped in your ultimate. Odin can also tank objectives like Fire Giant and Gold Fury with his shield. Provide vision and call out ganks using Raven Shout. Help your jungler contest mid harpies and get pressure in your lane. Late game, continue picking enemies off and combo with your ult.

Shorthand Terminology

Use ‘Birdblaster’ for Raven Shout, ‘Shield’ or ‘crit shield’ for his Gungnir’s Might ability, and ‘ring’ or ‘cage’ for Ring of Spears. Ult or ‘Odin ult’ also refers to his ultimate ability. ‘Blink Odin’ refers to Odin players who utilize Blink Rune as a relic to set up surprise ultimates.

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