Title: Goddess of Volcanoes

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Pele Guide

Pele dominates in the jungle role where she can gank lanes and gain an early advantage. Focus on clearing camps quickly with Pyroclast and Magma Rush then look for opportunities to gank lanes with Kalapaki Punch and pyroclast. Save Molten Shard for securing kills or escaping counter ganks. Play aggressively to get Pele ahead early through kills, camps, and objectives.

In team fights, Pele eliminates enemy squishies like mages and hunters. Look for chances to dive backline targets after escape abilities are down. Obliterate them with Eruption. Your ultimate also provides damage mitigation, so don’t hesitate to use defensively when focused. Notify your team to focus whoever you hit. By taking out key enemies, you’ll win most fights.

Pele’s abilities synergize for high burst damage. Kalapaki Punch engages, chases, and escapes. Pyroclast deals huge damage, so open with it when ganking or initiating fights. Magma Rush provides movement and attack speed; keep active in combat. A typical combo is Pyroclast, basic attack, Kalapaki Punch, Magma Rush, 2 basics, Molten Shard, Eruption. Practice timing Eruption to land consistently. It also secures objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury. Punch the objective, drop Pyroclast and Molten Shard, then obliterate it with your ultimate.

Pele pairs well with mages and hunters who can follow up on enemies she hits like Agni or Cernunnos. Guardians with crowd control like Bacchus or Cerberus also synergize great. Avoid picking into comps with multiple leaps or heavy crowd control.

To dominate as Pele, defeat enemies, deny farm and take objectives. Land abilities consistently, gain early pressure, transition to eliminating key targets mid and late game. Build power, pen, cooldown, and attack speed. Blink is a good active for initiating. An expert Pele carries teams to victory.

In team fights, dive enemy backline with Blink, drop Pyroclast and Kalapaki Punch a squishy target. Your teammates follow up, and the fight turns in your favor. Pele’s damage and mitigation require opponents focus her, allowing allies to deal damage freely. If needing to escape, Kalapaki Punch over walls and use Magma Rush.

Early game jungle clear and gank. Clear camps with Pyroclast and Magma Rush, look for ganks in pushed up lanes. Invade opponent’s jungle, contest scorpions whenever possible. Gain jungle pressure and snowball other lanes through kills and objectives. Rotate for buffs/camps. Stay ahead in farm and experience.

Mid game aggressively gank lanes and contest Pyromancer/Gold Fury. Build damage and cooldown to maximize killing potential. Create an advantage through picks, towers, and neutral objectives. Deny opponent farm.

Late game, team fight frequently, dive enemy backline bursting mages/hunters. Push lanes, force Fire Giant fights. End by defeating Titan. Play around escapes, enduring focus to deal maximum damage.

Pele rewards aggressive play. Practice landing abilities, gain early pressure, transition to eliminating key targets and taking objectives. Master Eruption timing. An expert Pele dominates, carrying teams to victory.

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