Title: Queen of the Underworld

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Persephone Guide

Persephone dominates in the mid lane where she can clear waves and gain pressure. Focus on clearing with Bone Rush and Death Gaze then harassing opponents with basics and Grasping Vines. Save Harvest for kills or escaping ganks. Play aggressively to overwhelm enemies, gaining an advantage through farm and poke damage.

In team fights, Persephone controls space and provides area denial. Look for chances to trap multiple enemies in her ultimate, Underworld Odyssey. This allows your team to follow up for kills while opponents are occupied escaping. Persephone excels defending objectives and structures. Place lots of plants around key points to discourage enemies from approaching.

Persephone’s abilities synergize to control areas. Grasping Vines engages enemies, secures kills, and peels for allies. Bone Rush clears waves while damaging opponents. Death Gaze deals damage and slows enemies, allowing allies to follow up. Underworld Odyssey traps enemies in an alternate dimension. A typical fight starts with Death Gaze, placing Bone Rush and Vines as enemies approach. Bait opponents into your ultimate and drop everything as they attempt escaping. Harvest provides extra damage but save for executing weak enemies or objectives.

Persephone pairs well with teammates who can capitalize on trapped enemies such as Poseidon, Ah Puch or Vulcan. Tanks with crowd control like Xing Tian or Khumbakarna also synergize to trap enemies in her space control and damage. Avoid picking into leapers, bans without mobility or comps that outrange her.

To dominate as Persephone, overwhelm your lane opponent, control space around objectives and utilize your ultimate to trap enemies for your team. Practice consistently landing abilities and learning optimal plant placement. Build for power, penetration and cooldown. An expert Persephone dominates team fights and carries through space control and damage.

In team fights around objectives, place plants to control the area and bait opponents into your ultimate. Your teammates follow up on trapped enemies, turning the fight in your favor. Persephone requires opponents to focus her plants and zone control, allowing allies freedom to inflict damage. If needing to escape, drop Vines to slow pursuing enemies and Bone Rush away.

Early game, clear waves with Bone Rush and look for poke on your lane opponent with basics and plants. Steal jungle camps and contest mid harpies whenever possible. Gain lane pressure through farm and damage, rotating to help your jungler when needed. Stay ahead in experience and gold.

Mid game fights begin around neutral objectives. Drop abilities to control space and trap enemies for your team. Create an advantage through picks, objectives and zone control. Deny opponents farm opportunities. Secure tier 1 towers and Gold Fury.

Late game, team fight frequently defending Fire Giant and Phoenixes. Place plants around objectives to discourage enemies from approaching. Look for chances to trap multiple opponents in your ultimate. Push lanes when opportunities arise and end the game defeating the Titan. Play around leaps and mobility, requiring opponents to focus your space control. An expert Persephone dictates team fights, controlling the outcome through plant placement and her ultimate.

Persephone rewards strategic players. Practice optimal plant placement, gain early lane pressure then transition to controlling space in team fights. Master trapping enemies in your ultimate. An expert Persephone dominates battlefields, carrying teams to victory through control and damage.

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