Title: God of the Oceans

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: Yes

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage

Poseidon Guide

In the laning phase, Poseidon wants to focus on stacking his Passive, Tide, and farming safely. His clear is pretty good once he gets a few points in Tide, so he can push the wave and look for poke damage with Trident and Whirlpool combo. As mid, solo or carry, farm up and stack that Tide. Once it’s around 3-4 stacks, Poseidon hits a big power spike and can really pressure the enemy in lane.

For roles, mid lane is Poseidon’s best spot. He has good clear, burst, and team fight presence from mid. As mid, look to rotate and gank side lanes once your ult Kraken is up. Solo lane can work too, but junglers may camp you, and Poseidon lacks an escape. Duo lane carry is trickier but doable with an aggressive support. Build max cooldown reduction so your abilities are always up.

Ability tips: Always lead with Whirlpool, then Trident for the knockup combo. Release Kraken on rooted enemies or in teamfights. Trident gives movement speed, so use it to chase or escape. Whirlpool cripples and slows, great for securing objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Bait enemies into the Whirlpool, then ult them for tons of damage.

In teamfights, stay in the backline and look for chances to wombo combo the enemy with Whirlpool and Kraken. Poke with Trident when Kraken is down. Help peel for your squishies using Whirlpool to slow enemies. Poseidon’s passive gives him movement speed in the river, so contest the neutral objectives since he has an advantage there.

Poseidon is a burst mage, so build power, pen and cooldown. His core items are Shoes of Focus for cooldown, Chronos’ Pendant, and Spear of Desolation. Obsidian Shard gives pen to melt tanks. Soul Reaver adds damage to abilities. Rod of Tahuti is a must-buy for the scaling power.

Poseidon’s role is burst damage and control. Help set up kills for your team using Whirlpool and look for opportunities to combo squishy enemies. Contest neutral objectives often, with your team’s help. Rotate and gank when you have ult. Communicate with your support to get aggressive in duo lane. Buy plenty of wards, since Poseidon lacks an escape, and call out missing enemies and rotations.

In Joust, Poseidon excels. The small map means his Kraken can decimate entire teams. Build full CDR to have your abilities up as much as possible. Early kills in Joust can snowball hard, so look to be aggressive once you have ult. securing the red buff will give Poseidon a strong advantage. Group with your team and take the Bull Demon King when possible, then siege the enemy tower. Poseidon’s waveclear will help push waves into the enemy structures.

Arena is all about the team fights for Poseidon. Stay near your tanky frontliners and wait for the enemy to group up before unleashing the Kraken. With the constant skirmishing in Arena, Poseidon’s abilities will almost always be on cooldown, so max CDR is key. Use your Trident poke whenever it’s up and Whirlpool enemies chasing your allies. Your Passive movement speed will help in the large Arena map, so make use of it. Secure kills on low health enemies fleeing the fight. Poseidon dominates in the team fight, so group with your allies and unleash the Kraken!

With some practice, Poseidon can be a force in any match. His damage and zone control are top notch if you can master combos and positioning. Take advantage of his passive movement speed and stay aware of the map. Rotate early, build CDR and power, look for combos and call shots for your team. Any god caught in the Kraken is as good as defeated . Best of luck flooding the battleground!

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