Title: Sun God

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Sustain, Pusher

Ra Guide

Ra is a late-game powerhouse that every player should master. As mid, focus on stacking items and clearing waves safely in the early game. Poke the enemy mid with Celestial Beam when possible, but avoid risks. Rush level 5 and start rotating when your lane’s pushed to secure kills in side lanes with your ultimate.

In team fights, Ra dominates from the backline. Heal allies with Solar Blessing and damage enemies with Celestial Beam and Searing Pain. Ra turns fights by nullifying burst and dealing huge damage. Watch for divers – juke them with Divine Light and retreat. Your role’s healing allies, not dying! Position near your damage dealers to keep them alive while assisting them in defeating enemies. Never stop using abilities – with full cooldown reduction you can spam heals and damage to sustain your team through any fight.

Solo Ra’s a sustain machine that never stops rotating. Build tanky cooldown reduction and mana sustain so you can constantly support your team. In fights, peel for the carries, control objectives, and never stop healing. Use your ultimate, Searing Pain, on objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant to quickly secure them for your team. Your goal is enabling your damage dealers by keeping them alive, not securing kills yourself. With constant healing and crowd control, Ra dominates the solo lane and enables his team.

Build full cooldown reduction and mana. Items like Chronos Pendant, Book of Thoth, Breastplate of Valor, and Rod of Asclepius allow spamming abilities and sustaining mana pools. Positioning’s key since Ra lacks an escape. Stay in the backline near your damage dealers, heal and damage enemies, but flee if assassins attack. Use Divine Light to juke divers and kite to a safe distance. Your build and playstyle should revolve around supporting your team, not chasing kills or glory.

Patience and teamwork are key to dominating with Ra. Farm efficiently, control objectives, and sustain allies through fights. Searing Pain and Celestial Beam defeat enemies and objectives, turning losses around. Divine Light dodges danger. With the right build and team, Ra’s unstoppable! Communicate with your team and focus on enabling them to carry rather than personally securing kills. Your role is a backline support, not a frontline warrior.

In joust, poke safely, heal constantly and use your ultimate to secure kills or objectives. Cooldown reduction’s critical for constant healing, and ambushes with Searing Pain are lethal. Farm hard, sustain allies, and defeat objectives to snowball. No objective’s safe from Ra’s objective-securing ultimate! With smart play, Ra carries joust through superior sustain and objective control. Focus on clearing waves and controlling the jungle buffs. Never stop using abilities – your role is sustaining your team, enabling them to push their lead.

Ra’s a team player’s dream. This god provides huge heals, damage, and objective control. Farm safely, build cooldown reduction, and position well to maximize your impact. Defeat enemies and never stop healing allies. Use Searing Pain to steal objectives and turn losses around. With patience and teamwork, Ra dominates any mode through superior sustain and control. Master this unstoppable sun god!

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