Title: Master of Thunder

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: Pusher, High Mobility

Raijin Guide

Raijin is a burst mage best suited for the mid lane, where his safe clear and poke potential are maximized. Focus on clearing the wave swiftly with your 1 and basic attacks, then look to hit the enemy midlaner with your 2 for poke damage and a slow. The slow and passive stacks from your 2 make following up with additional damage straightforward. Once they’re around half health, dash aggressively with your 3 and unleash your complete kit for an early kill. Early pressure is essential to snowballing Raijin’s lead.

For builds, place Raijin in mid lane almost every match. He can work in solo but struggles against many warriors and lacks mobility for the long lane. In mid, build power, cooldown reduction and penetration items. Raijin’s damage comes from abilities, so CDR is critical. For relics, choose between purification, aegis or beads depending on the enemy composition. Raijin lacks mobility, so good relic use will keep you alive to deal damage.

Raijin’s abilities revolve around timing, combos and managing his passive. His 1 is your clear, poke and passive stacker. The 2 slows and stacks passive, making landing your 3 and ultimate easy. His 3 provides mobility and burst damage. The ultimate deals massive damage in a huge area. Wait for grouped up enemies, dive in with your 3 and unleash it for multiple kills.

In teamfights, sit behind your frontline and spam abilities on enemies and objectives. Drop your 1 and 2 for poke and slows, then dash in with your 3 for kills if possible. Save your ultimate for grouped enemies or securing/stealing objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury. Raijin’s ultimate has a long cooldown, so using it effectively at key moments is critical.

Overall, Raijin functions as an objective-focused burst mage. Farm up, build CDR and damage, land your abilities and dominate teamfights/objectives with well-timed ultimates. Raijin lacks mobility but compensates with damage and crowd control. Stay safe using relics and your 3 dash, build for ability damage and cooldown reduction, and target key enemies to be an unstoppable force for your team.

Raijin excels at damaging enemies and objectives from a distance using his abilities. Build cooldown reduction and power to maximize damage output, focus on timing your abilities together and managing your passive for the most effectiveness. Raijin lacks mobility, so good positioning and relic use are a must to avoid dying. Look for opportunities to dive in with your 3 and unleash your ultimate on grouped up enemies for multiple kills. Pressure the map, secure objectives and carry teamfights by landing your abilities on the correct targets at the right times. An expert Raijin is a deadly force on any battlefield.

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