Title: Seventh Avatar of Vishnu

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Mobility, High Attack Speed

Rama Guide

In the laning phase, focus on clearing the wave as efficiently as possible with your Astral Arrows. You’ll want to be efficient, using the least amount of mana to full clear. Save your 1 for poke damage only when your support engages or you have kill potential. Your priority is stacking your passive, the more minions you last hit, the more power you’ll gain. Pushing the wave into the enemy tower is ideal, giving you lane priority to secure mid camps and oracles. Your 3 provides movement speed to quickly rotate.

As for team comps, Rama fits into most. His long range and crowd control immunity lets him adapt to dive or peel comps. Your 3 can be used both aggressively or defensively, depending on your teams needs. The mobility from his 3 also allows for quick objective secure, so Rama excels in pick comps looking to force objectives after getting a kill.

Using your abilities effectively is key to conquering with Rama. Your 1 provides long range poke and wave clear, use it frequently but be mindful of your mana. Your 2 is your main source of damage, especially once you have a few items online. When boxing enemy ADCs, use your 2 for the bonus power and lifesteal. In teamfights, your 2 allows you to shred enemy frontlines while remaining safe in the backline. Your 3 should be used preemptively, either to chase low health enemies, escape dangerous situations or reposition in a teamfight. Your ult is game changing, use it to finish off low health enemies, secure objectives from a distance or provide map control. Always look for opportunities to combo your abilities, a 3 into 2 or 1 into auto attack cancel into 2 does massive burst damage.

As the ADC, your role is to deal damage and take objectives. Work with your support in lane to gain pressure, then look to rotate and secure mid harpies and gold fury. In team fights, focus the closest threat while staying near your support. Help peel for your mid and jungle, your crowd control immunity and mobility makes you excellent at repositioning squishy allies. Your high attack speed also allows you to quickly shred objectives, use that to your advantage. Always be pushing lanes, farming and securing objectives. You provide consistent DPS for your team, so maximizing your farm and staying alive is most important.

Rama has a high skill ceiling, but by mastering his abilities and learning effective strategies, you’ll be ruling the duo lane and leading your team to victory. You have a few choices here in using the following tactics in violation of the rules: first, stay on the opponent. Keep warding and apply pressure. Your support will zone them, allowing you farm. Once you have kill potential, bait their actives and all in. Get a lead and snowball. Second, play safe by farming under tower if behind. Clear the wave then rotate to mid camps and oracles. Playing safe is optimal if you’re losing lane. Third, if even or slightly behind, mirror the opponent and follow their rotations. Secure your buffs and objectives, this allows your team to stay even while waiting for the power spikes to all in.

The key to success on Rama comes down to decision making – know when to pressure, when to farm and when to group. Maximizing your passive stacks and gold gain will allow you to carry teamfights. Your abilities provide both safety and playmaking potential. Stay with your support, shred objectives and secure kills. Rama’s power comes online in the mid to late game, so patience and consistency is key.

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