Title: Demon King of Lanka

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Sustain

Ravana Guide

Ravana is a versatile warrior who excels in aggressive, fast-paced playstyles. In the laning phase, focus on clearing minion waves quickly with your 2+3 ability combo, then look for opportunities to deal poke damage to the enemy gods with your 1. Save your ultimate ability to chase low health enemies or escape dangerous gank situations.

Ravana works great in either the solo lane or jungle role. In the solo lane, build a mix of defensive and offensive items to bully your lane opponent. In the jungle, build full damage and penetration items to instantly defeat squishy enemies. Ravana adapts well to most team compositions, but synergizes best with gods that can immobilize enemies so you can unload your full ability kit on them.

Your 1, Prana Onslaught, is your primary poking tool. Look for chances to hit both enemy gods with it, as the damage and slow debuff stack up over time. Your 2, Overhead Kick, deals massive damage if you can land both strikes. Use it when enemies are immobilized or at point blank range. Your 3, 10-Hand Shadow Fist, is excellent for clearing minion waves and provides immunity frames during the dash. Use it aggressively to dodge enemy abilities. Your ultimate, Mystic Rush, provides damage, crowd control immunity, and mobility. Use it to chase low health enemies, escape dangerous situations, or dive into teamfights to wreak havoc.

In teamfights, your role is to dive the enemy backline damage dealers. Look for opportunities to unleash your full ability combo on vulnerable mages or hunters, as they will be quickly defeated. If their frontline is distracting your allies, flank around and attack from behind. Your passive, Votive Strike, provides stacking power and movement speed bonuses for each hit on enemy gods – so land as many abilities as possible! Help secure objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant with your high damage and crowd control. Your ultimate can also be used to steal objectives if timed properly.

Ravana requires an aggressive playstyle and benefits greatly from early ganks and kills. Farm efficiently, force your lane opponent out of lane and take their farm and buffs. Roam often to gank the middle and duo lanes. Build power and penetration, with some hybrid defense if needed. Late game, target their damage dealers and push to end swiftly. The more hours you dedicate to playing Ravana, the more your combos will increase in lethality. With practice, you’ll be a pro Ravana player, controlling the battleground on the Conquest map and gaining advantage after advantage over your opponents.

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