Title: The Usurper

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Set Guide

To start, Set thrives in the solo lane during laning phase. Focus on rapidly clearing the minion wave with your 1 and 3 abilities while harassing the enemy solo laner with your 2. Watch for opportunities to fully combo them with your ultimate when their escape is on cooldown. As a warrior, building hybrid items with power and protections allows you to triumph in most 1v1 engagements. Get ahead early and invade the enemy jungle to hamper their farm.

For team compositions, Set works great in aggressive dive team comps as the solo laner or in a “double warrior” comp in the jungle. His ultimate allows your team to single out targets and defeat them swiftly. As a jungle Set, build a mix of damage and bruiser items to dive in, sowing chaos before slipping out. In solo, build bruiser with items like Shogun’s Kusari and Void Shield to endure lengthy fights. Set struggles against teams with abundant crowd control, so be wary engaging without proper support.

Set’s skills also transfer well to Arena, though you’ll want to adjust your build for constant team fights. Build mostly damage with some survivability and CDR, as your role is diving the enemy backline. Look to combo squishy enemies like mages when their escapes are down to secure kills for your team. Your mobility allows you to chase kills and flee fights that turn sour. Focus less on objectives and more on optimizing your build and team fight skills.

Utilizing your 1 and 3, you excel at clearing objectives like the Gold Fury or the Fire Giant. Time your dashes to become immune to crowd control with your 2, conserving your ultimate to secure objectives or defeat enemies trying to contest them. In team fights, flank the enemy backline with your mobility and ultimate their mages or hunters. Your clones can intercept skill shots, so summon them pre-fight. If focused, activate your 2 to become immune to damage then 3 to your team.

As Set, you want to play aggressively early to gain a level lead, then leverage that lead to invade and gank middle lane. Coordinate with your jungle and middle laner to secure objectives and team fight victories. Late game, dive the backline in fights while peeling for your damage dealers. Your mobility makes you exceptional at chasing kills, so pursue enemies after winning fights to guarantee total triumph! Teammates should follow your dives and push objectives off your kills. Build bruiser to brawl, but don’t feed the enemy! Know your limits.

Set is an unstoppable force in SMITE when played properly. Follow these tips to master the God of Chaos and reign over your ranked matches! Continuously practice to improve mechanics and decision making, studying high level players for strategies and builds. Coordinating with your teammates is key to Set’s success, so use VGS and voice comms to direct them to objectives after winning fights or ganks. With time and practice, you’ll be an expert Set player, facilitating your team to victory.

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