Title: Goddess of Winter

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Crowd Control, Pusher

Skadi Guide

Skadi is a powerful late-game hypercarry in SMITE capable of dishing out huge damage in team fights thanks to her large crowd control and basic attacks that hit like a truck. In the laning phase, focus on clearing the wave with your 3 while harassing the enemy duo with basic attacks and your 1 ability. Skadi can easily pressure opponents under tower and secure early kills thanks to her 3-2 combo. She excels in the duo carry role where she can farm up and become a late-game powerhouse. However, Skadi also performs well in mid lane when needed thanks to her clear and damage potential.

Skadi works great with aggressive supports who can set up kills like Ares or Fenrir. However, she also pairs nicely with sustain-focused guardians that can keep her alive. Look for opportunities to land your 3-1 or 3-2 combo on enemies out of position to secure early kills. In team fights, hold back until your frontline engages before diving in. Your 3 provides self-peel so don’t be afraid to get close to the action, but be careful not to get singled out. Focus down squishy targets like the enemy carry or mage using your 1 to slow them and your 3 for damage. Your ultimate makes Skadi nearly unkillable for 6 seconds so use it aggressively in team fights to chase down kills or secure objectives. However, watch out for anti-healing effects that can reduce your survivability.

Skadi’s 1 ability, fire it slightly in front of the enemy’s movement direction to maximize the slow duration. You can hit multiple enemy gods at once with this ability, so line up shots for extra impact in team fights. Skadi’s 2 provides a movement speed buff when used, so utilize it either to chase down targets or escape dangerous situations. Only use your 3 for wave clear when necessary since it has a long cooldown. You’ll want it available for fights and skirmishes. Place your ultimate directly on top of your 3 for maximum damage. Your wolf can body block some enemy abilities, so consider placing him between you and your opponents. Always keep an eye on your wolf’s health bar. If he’s low, play safer until you can heal him.

In the duo lane, focus on clearing the wave while looking for opportunities to poke the enemy carry and support. Work with your support to secure early kills or zone the enemy from the wave and buff camps. Once your lane is pushed up, rotate to help in mid lane team fights. However, do not leave your wolf behind as his damage in fights is impactful. Consider purchasing wards to avoid ganks since Skadi lacks a true escape. For leveling, prioritize your 3 for clear and damage followed by your 1 for a lower cooldown and extra slows. Only put a couple points in your 2 early. Build damage and attack speed items to maximize your basic attack potential. Consider anti-healing, protection, and crit items later on.

Your role as Skadi is to deal high damage, especially to objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant. Help your jungler secure buff camps by using your ultimate and hard-hitting abilities. In sieges, utilize your wolf and abilities to poke enemies under the tower. Carefully push up the lane with your support and frontline. Look for picks in the jungle by isolating targets with your damage and crowd control. Secure vision around objectives and enemy territory to keep the pressure on across the map. Most importantly, group up with your team as alone Skadi becomes an easy target.

In Joust, Skadi performs similarly but needs to be more cautious about getting into range of 3 enemy players at once. Focus on poking from a distance and avoid confrontations under the tower without your teammates. Utilize the narrow jungle paths to land your abilities on multiple targets. In Arena, play carefully at the start until you’ve built up some damage and sustain. Look to isolate squishy enemies at the edges of fights before diving in. Place your wolf to body block enemies from escaping into their fountain. Stay near allies so they can follow up on your damage and you remain protected. Overall, the same strategies apply but extra care must be taken in these smaller game modes.

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