Title: God of the Nile

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Sobek Guide

Sobek is a guardian in SMITE focused on disrupting enemies and peeling for allies. From the first wave, play aggressive in lane to force relics or get early kills. Clear fast then proxy between towers to deny farm. If your hunter has clear too, invade purple buff for first blood.

Sobek works best as a support. Start in lane, get your hunter ahead and rotate mid when needed. Help secure mid camps between waves. Sobek can solo some matchups but you lose team impact. Build tanky in either role.

Max Charge Prey first for less cooldown and more damage. Then Tail Whip for clear and Lurking in the Waters for mitigations. Level Sickening Strike last as it’s for disruption.

In fights, cause chaos and peel. Pluck squishies with Charge Prey, slow enemies with Tail Whip. Body block basics and push enemies away with Lurking in the Waters. Use Sickening Strike when enemies are close for maximum disruption. Then peel for allies by plucking, slowing and body blocking enemies attacking them.

Start Blessing, chalice and pots. Build cooldown, protections and health, like Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Genji’s Guard, Pestilence, Gem of Iso and Mantle of Discord. Relics are typically Blink to engage and Sundering Spear or Shield of Thorns for disruption.

Be careful until level 5 without an ultimate escape. Make efficient rotations and don’t fall behind. Help secure mid camps and objectives to keep your team ahead. In fights, frontline for allies by disrupting enemies and peeling. Use control to single out targets for your team to eliminate easily.

In summary, Sobek disrupts and peels. Play aggressive, rotating when needed and build tanky. In fights, cause chaos by plucking and slowing enemies, then peel for allies. Help get objectives to keep your team ahead. Make enemies misposition for your team to kill easily. Master Sobek to carry teams through disruption and protecting allies.

For laning, be aggressive to get early kills or force relics. Proxy waves and invade buffs when possible. Rotate mid and secure mid camps between waves. Be the frontline in team fights by plucking and slowing key targets, then protect your damage dealers. Push away enemies attacking them.

Early game, be cautious without ultimate but still pressure enemies. Clear efficiently so you can proxy, invade or rotate as needed. Get your hunter fed, then rotate mid to gank when their relics are down. Secure mid camps on cooldown for team gold and experience.

Mid game, keep rotating and team fighting. Look for picks on overextended enemies to gain a numbers advantage when contesting objectives. Control vision around objectives and in the jungle to catch enemies alone or make picks. Build tanky and continue being the disruption for your team, setting up kills to push towers.

Late game, group up and end. Continue team fighting by plucking priority targets your team can burst. Protect your damage dealers and mages to enable them to deal maximum damage. Secure objectives like Fire Giant when possible, then group to push lanes as five and end. Watch for backdoors in solo or duo and defend when needed. End before enemies can match six item builds or your impact lessens.

Sobek takes practice to master but rewards you with carrying team fights. His early pressure and disruption define the guardian class. Follow this guide to learn effective strategies and techniques for success with the crocodile god. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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