Title: Goddess of the Sun

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: D

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Mobility

Sol Guide

Sol is a fun hero but their kit has been hurting for a few seasons.

Sol is a mage in SMITE focused on controlling areas and objectives with high magical damage. From the first wave, clear efficiently then poke your opponent out of lane. Stack your passive, Radiance, quickly for increased power. Be careful without Radiance though, as you lose pressure.

Sol works best in mid. Focus on clearing, then help your jungler secure mid camps and objectives. Rotate to duo or solo when your opponent dies or backs. Be careful in long lanes with no true escape. Build damage and cooldown reduction.

Max Stellar Burst first for clear and poke. Then Radiance for duration, damage and Disapparate for cooldown and bonus damage when aggressive. Level Supernova when possible for damage. Use it to secure kills, objectives or zone enemies.

In fights, deal damage from a safe distance. Look for aggressive Supernovas to burst a target or zone the backline. Drop Radiance on objectives or in chokepoints enemies must pass. Poke with Stellar Burst and lay Disapparate for bonus damage inside. Kite threats and reposition with Disapparate.

Start Mage’s Blessing and pots. Build power and cooldown, with Shoes of Focus, Book of Thoth, Spear of the Magus, Gem of Isolation, Chronos’ Pendant and Rod of Tahuti. Relics are typically Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet for safety.

Be extremely careful early with no mobility. Clear efficiently but avoid extending without Radiance. Make safe rotations when possible and ward both sides of your lane to avoid ganks. In fights, burst from a distance without overcommitting or mispositioning. Drop abilities on objectives and chokepoints to zone enemies, allowing your team to secure objectives or push safely.

Sol controls areas and fights with high damage. Clear efficiently, stack Radiance and rotate safely. In fights, poke from a distance, kite threats and drop abilities to control objectives or zone opponents. Avoid being caught out and reposition with your 3. Help secure objectives and push as a group. Master Sol to carry through raw power and control.

For laning, focus on stacking Radiance as quickly as possible. Clear the wave efficiently so you have time to stack in between, but don’t let Radiance fall off. Look for poke damage when your opponent mispositions or goes for last hits. Be extremely careful without Radiance up though, as you lose most kill potential and zoning ability. Ask your jungler for help securing mids if needed.

Once you complete your stacking item, rotate when your opponent does to secure mid camps or gank overextended lanes. Drop your 3 on objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant if contested to zone enemies from them. Use your ultimate to secure kills just out of your basic attack range or objectives if the enemy team commits to contesting.

In team fights, try to burst a squishy target at the start to gain a numbers advantage. Look for low health enemies retreating and chase them with Disapparate’s movement speed buff and damage. Drop Radiance on the main fight area or in chokepoints to control enemies positioning for easy pickings or objective securing. Always keep Radiance on cooldown during fights for maximum power and damage. Kite away from diving enemies with your 3 and punish them when it ends.

Sol falls off slightly late game compared to other mid lane mages, so end quickly when possible. Defend against split pushers and look to take objectives like Fire Giant when enemies delay grouping for team fights. Your damage will still be relevant, but tanks will be harder to kill meaning fights may drag on longer. Stick with your support or jungler at this point while clearing and pushing to avoid being picked off, which can cost your team the game at this critical stage.

Sol takes practice to master but rewards you with controlling team fights and objectives. Her high area damage and control define the mid lane mage class. Follow this guide to learn effective strategies and techniques for success with the sun goddess. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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