Title: The Fire Giant

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Surtr Guide

Surtr dominates solo lane. Focus on clearing quickly with your 1 and 3. Your 1 does AoE damage and reduces protections, perfect for clearing waves. Your 3 knockups and deals damage. Use both to insta-clear, giving you lane priority. Look to invade enemy jungle with your jungler, steal buffs or gank mid. Surtr has strong early pressure, abuse it!

In team fights, prioritize their backline. Blink in with your ult, dropping massive AoE damage. Follow up with your 1 to debuff them, then hit your 2 for big damage. Your 3 CCs enemies for your team to collapse on.

Surtr flexes into solo, jungle or support. Solo is ideal, jungle can work but support is risky. In solo, build hybrid-tank with cooldown and pen. Items like Breastplate of Valor, Void Stone and Ethereal Staff are great. Jungle, build more damage with Spear of Desolation and Dynasty Plate Helm. As support, full tank and CDR to set up kills for your ADC with your control and damage.

During objectives like Gold Fury, zone enemies with your ult and 3. Your ult covers a huge area, forcing enemies to back off or take damage. Drop it on the objective to secure or steal! Your 3 knockups contesting enemies, allowing your team to burst them.

In team fights, you disrupt and deal damage. Blink into the enemy backline and drop your ult, devastating their squishies. Your 1 reduces protections so your ult and 2 hit harder. Your 3 allows you to peel for your squishies or set up kills. Your passive gives you protections for each ability used, so spam them in fights!

Playing Surtr requires mastery of his abilities, timing and positioning. Melt your opponents and control fights with the true Ruler of Muspelheim! Some tips:

Your 2 hits hard but narrows your field of view. Use carefully. Your ult has a brief wind-up, so anticipate enemy movement. Your 3 has a delay before firing, lead your target.

Practice blinking past the frontline to ult squishies. Blink in, ult, 1, 2 the mage or ADC and 3 anyone trying to help. Your team will win the fight.

Build hybrid items like Void Shield and Mystical Mail. They provide offense and defense to boost your damage while still protecting you. Staying alive means more damage!

Train yourself to use your 1 aggressively. The protection debuff opens opportunities for kills that random aggression can’t. Look to follow up immediately with your high damage 2 and ult.

In solo lane, poke the enemy god out so you have kill potential at level 5 when you get your ult. Be very aggressive and force them to back off the wave so you can outlevel them, giving you an even bigger advantage.

Surtr controls team fights when ahead. Build a lead in solo by dominating your lane opponent through high pressure and poke damage, then rotate to cause chaos in midgame fights using your massive AoE damage and disruption. Melt anyone out of position!

Surtr’s abilities synergize extremely well if you combo properly. Opening with your 1 to debuff, then following up with a 3 to knock them up when your 2 is ready will confirm the damage and likely secure a kill. Finish them with your ult! Practice the optimal sequence to burst any god 100-0.

With experience, Surtr can carry ranked or competitive games. Master the tips and strategies to dominate with the true King of Muspelheim!

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