Title: God of the Summer Storm

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Mobility

Susano Guide

Susano is a mobile assassin who excels at controlling teamfights and blowing up enemy squishies. During the laning phase, focus on clearing waves efficiently with your 1 and 2 before pressuring your lane opponent. Your passive gives you movement speed for hitting enemies with abilities, so weave in some autos to proc it and run them down. Look for early kills at levels 2-3 when you have your 1, 2 and 3 ready.

As for positioning, Susano fits best in the jungle or solo lane. In jungle, gank often to snowball your lanes. Your mobility and burst make you a nightmare for immobile gods. For solo, level your 3 first and use it to harass your opponent from lane. Your 1-3 combo gives sustain through the lifesteal on 3, so trade aggressively.

Your 1 is your main clear, mobility and damage tool. Use it to pass through walls and chase or escape. Your 2 pulls enemies, disrupting channeling abilities or peeling for allies. Your 3 knocks up and gives lifesteal. Lead ganks or teamfights with 3, then drop your 1 and 2 on them while airborne. Your ult deals massive damage and controlling teamfights. Look for opportunities to pull multiple enemies into it during objectives or teamfights.

In teamfights, dive the backline and eliminate enemy damage dealers or mages. Flank to yank enemies into your ult, then follow up with your 1-3. Help your support peel with 2 if needed. For objectives, zone enemies from Gold Fury or Fire Giant with your ult, then collapse on anyone still trying to contest.

Communication with your team is vital. Call out when your ult is ready so allies can follow up. Tell your solo laner if you want to gank their lane. Ask your support to help set up kills with CC during ganks. And warn allies if your abilities are down so they don’t engage expecting you to follow up.

Practice and mastering Susano, the god of the summer storm, is rewarding. You’ll be dominating backlines and controlling teamfights in no time. Keep at it and good luck!

Susano’s mobility and damage make him a menace, but he has a high skill ceiling. Stick with practicing his combos and positioning, and you’ll force enemies to bend to your will. Constantly look for opportunities to gank immobile targets or yank enemies into your ult. Ward aggressively so you can catch opponents out of position.

A few more tips:

•Your passive gives penetration after using an ability, so space out your abilities for maximum shred.

•Your 1 teleports you a short distance. Use it to dodge big abilities or chase kills.

•Your 2 has a short delay before pulling. Lead targets slightly or use it on CC’d enemies.

•Your 3 provides a small knock up and lifesteal. Use it mid-fight for sustain and to disrupt enemies.

•Your ult pulls enemies to its center. Try to catch multiple targets in its radius.

•Build penetration and cooldown to maximize your mobility and damage. Hydra’s Lament, Jotunn’s Wrath and Crusher are all great options.

•Consider Blink Rune to really surprise enemies with your entrance. Activate it and then ult for a huge play.

With practice, you’ll master the storm. Susano rewards aggressive and calculated play, so get in there and manipulate the battle in your favor! Wreak havoc on the battleground and achieve victory for your team. The tempest is yours to command!

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