Title: The Earth Mother

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage, High Sustain

Terra Guide

Terra is a Guardian focused on controlling the battlefield and empowering allies. In the laning phase, focus on clearing minion waves quickly with your 1 ability and basic attacks. Look for opportunities to root enemies in place with your 2 ability, then have your Attack Damage Carry follow up for kills. Save your 3 ability to peel enemies off of your Attack Damage Carry or set up ganks. Your ultimate ability is best used reactively to counter enemy dives or aggressions.

Terra works best in the duo lane Support role. She synergizes well with most team compositions, especially dive compositions that can take advantage of her zone control and crowd control abilities. Build aura items like Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet to strengthen your team.

Your 1 ability, Stand Alone, is your primary wave clear tool. Hit all 6 minions for maximum push potential. Your 2 ability, Crushing Earth, roots enemies in place and reduces their damage – use it to peel enemies off of allies or lock down kill targets.Your 3 ability, Obstructed View, breaks up teamfights by blocking paths and vision. Place walls to split enemy teams, secure objectives, or escape dangerous situations.Your ultimate ability, Terra’s Wrath, erects rocky walls around you that knock up and damage enemies. Use reactively to counter enemy aggressions, secure kills, or protect objectives.

In teamfights, your role is to control positioning, peel enemies off of allies, and empower your team. Use your 1, 2 and 3 abilities to corral enemies, protect vulnerable allies, and separate enemy teams. Your ultimate ability can turn the tide of fights by trapping enemies within walls, allowing your team to defeat them one by one. Help secure objectives like Towers, Phoenixes, the Fire Giant or Gold Fury using your zoning tools and team buffs.

Terra is all about controlling the map and supporting your teammates. Follow your aggressive solo laners and junglers, looking for counterganks and objective pushes. Place wards frequently and keep a close eye on the minimap. Build aura defense items to protect your team in skirmishes. Use your abilities reactively – wait for enemies to engage, then counter them with your own control and crowd control abilities. Practice using your 3 ability and ultimate in unison with your allies’ movement to maximize effectiveness. Master Terra, become a battle strategist, claiming zone after zone through shrewd manipulation of terrain and sustainment of your team. Your enemies will struggle against your mastery of dictating the pace and positioning on the battlefields of Conquest.

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