Title: Hand of Death

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Sustain

Thanatos Guide

Thanatos is an early game monster in SMITE who falls off late but can still be impactful if played properly. In the early game, focus on farming to level 5 as fast as possible. At level 5, look for kills in side lanes or the enemy jungle using your ultimate. Thanatos has a weak clear, so avoid fighting in lane and just focus minions. Instead, look to invade the enemy jungle to steal buffs and camps when possible. Save your 3 for escaping, not engaging.

Thanatos is best suited for the jungle role where he can impact the map, but can work in solo or support as well. In the jungle, focus on getting kills to keep your team ahead. Gank side lanes that are pushed up and continue stealing jungle farm/buffs. Build damage and penetration items to maximize your kill potential. As a support, focus on setting up kills for your ADC using your 1, 2 and ultimate. Build hybrid items to still do decent damage. In solo, play safe until level 5 then look to rotate and gank. Build bruiser items.

For skills, level your 1 first for reduced cooldown. Use your 1 to slow enemies at range, then close in for the knockup with your 2. Follow up with basic attacks between abilities. Save your 3 to chase enemies or escape dangerous situations, not engage. Your ultimate executes low-health targets, so watch enemy health bars for opportunities. Look for opportunities to surprise enemies with your ultimate by casting it over walls or from the jungle. Late game your execute threshold is high enough to urgently threaten squishy enemies.

Your role is to get kills and snowball the game early. Help your team secure objectives like the Gold Fury with your high damage. Look for picks in the jungle and during rotations. Ward often to gain awareness for counterganks and spot rotated enemies for your ultimate. Communicate with your team before rotating to set up kills. Late game, you fall off, so focus on catching enemies out of position with your team rather than full team fights. Look to end the game before your damage becomes irrelevant.

Stick with your teammates as much as possible. While Thanatos can get solo kills early, late game you become an easy target alone. Help your mid laner secure mid harpies and watch for chances to gank enemies overextended. Consider counterwarding the enemy jungle if your support has not. This provides opportunities for unspotted rotations. If behind, avoid direct fights and instead farm and look for safe kills on enemies already low from fighting your team. Your base damage will still threaten squishies even when at a disadvantage.

In Arena, focus on getting kills to stack your passive and build damage items. Poke enemies with your 1 from range, then move in close for your 2. Use your 3 to chase low health targets or disengage. Your ultimate executes enemies below 40% health. Look for chances to surprise squishy enemies with your ultimate. Build full damage items to maximize your kill potential. In Joust, be extremely careful until level 5 then look for kills on overextended enemies with your jungle partner. Farm until level 5 and avoid direct fights before then. Consider building one defensive item so you can survive engaging on the enemy team. Overall, Thanatos plays similarly but the smaller maps mean you have to be cautious about being collapsed on by multiple enemies at once.

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