The Morrigan

The Morrigan

Title: Phantom Queen

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Area Damage

The Morrigan Guide

The Morrigan is a mage that excels at bursting down targets and causing chaos through deception. In lane, focus on efficiently clearing waves with Deadly Aspects while poking enemies with Confusing Concoction. Look to dash in with Stealth and combo enemies using Deadly Aspects, auto attacks, and Confusing Concoction for early kills or to force backs, allowing proxy farm or objectives.

The Morrigan mid builds high damage like Book of Thoth, Rod of Tahuti, and Obsidian Shard with cooldown boots. Solo builds more defense like Breastplate of Valor and Void Stone while prioritizing damage. Jungle builds Bumba’s Mask and damage with 1 defense item. Versatility adapts to role and enemy comp.

In team fights, burst priority targets like mid or hunter with your combo (Deadly Aspects, auto attacks and Confusing Concoction). Stealth into backline, combo a squishy, then ult (Changeling) into a tank or warrior to disrupt. Turning into an ally and stunning or bodyblocking confuses, turning the fight. After ulting, Stealth to your team. Burst and tricks decimate uncoordinated teams.

In Arena, build full damage. Ult into an enemy with CC, stun groups, then 2 back. Follow up either nets kills or forces retreats, securing buff camps. Use 1 and 3 to poke before bursting priority targets. Save 2 to escape. Adapt positioning and target choice to the enemy.

In Joust, build similar to mid with some defense. Focus enemy guardian or warrior, bursting them to force enemy damage dealers into danger. Ult to stun enemies off of buff camps and objectives, securing them. Stealth in and out of combat to set up plays and escape. Control the map through burst pressure and objective secure.

For objectives, combo to burst contesting enemies. Ult to stun enemies off the objective, allowing your team to take it. Only use abilities with team to follow up and defend you. Your ult and burst uniquely suit stealing objectives.

The Morrigan requires skill but brings a unique, impactful kit. Versatility, team fight presence, and objective secure allow adapting to any match-up to swing favor. Difficult to master, she can feed if played recklessly. Analyze comps to optimize your build; look for chances to burst when abilities ready. Teams appreciate a strategic Morrigan setting up plays to dominate late through damage and tricks. A masterful Morrigan carries through mind games and chaos.

SMITE relies on teams; The Morrigan especially needs follow up. Work with jungler and support to burst out-of-position enemies. Call when ulting to stun off objectives so your team can collapse. Damage and tricks create opportunities that must be seized to win. Build rapport through VGS and chat, setting up combos and plays only coordination achieves. A cunning Morrigan and coordinated squad emerge victorious through wit and wizardry.

To dominate as The Morrigan, build optimally, burst efficiently, deceive masterfully, and work closely with your team. Play mindfully yet boldly, facilitating communication and coordination. A strategic Morrigan engaging allies in trickery controls the battleground and outwits foes. Look for smart plays netting kills or objectives but don’t overcommit without advantage. Your team protects you as you burst and confuse, turning the tide. The mistress of magic, with vivid allies, shall not fall.

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