Title: Arbiter of the Damned

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Area Damage

Thoth Guide

To start, in the laning phase you want to focus on farming and poking. Use your 1, Evade and Punish, to clear waves quickly from a safe distance. Once you get your 2, Charged Blast, use it to poke and pressure your opponent. Try to hit the enemy god with the explosion for extra damage. Always have wards placed since Thoth has no escape – map awareness is paramount.

In team fights, the mage or carry positions are optimal. Thoth excels at dealing immense damage from far away. As a mage, try to stay near your support for peels. As a carry, attack from behind your frontline. Regardless of position, use walls, objectives and teammates as cover while charging and firing your combo.

Thoth’s combo is what makes him dangerous. Charge your 2 and as it’s about to explode, fire your 1 through it. This triggers the extra damage from your 2 and applies a slow, allowing your 1 to easily hit. Once you have your 3, Glyph of Pain, place it on objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant or in jungle corridors to gain vision and deal damage when enemies walk through.

In team fights, focus on pumping damage into as many targets as possible. Drop your 3 on objectives or in the jungle to control space. Charge your 2, fire 1 through it, then ult. Your 4, Final Judgement, hits in a huge radius so aim for the center of the fight. Be very careful using your escape aggressively since you have no mobility. Retreat if focused and rely on your range to continue dealing damage from afar.

Your role is burst mage so focus objectives and pump damage into team fights from a safe distance. Early game help your jungler secure buffs. Mid game take towers, Gold Fury and Pyromancer. Late game win team fights to get Fire Giant and end the game. Provide vision with your 3 and call out enemy positions to keep your team informed since you have a global view of the map. If your 2 is down, play back until it’s off cooldown. Your combo is vital so avoid fighting without it ready.

Mastering a god in SMITE requires hours of practice. To dominate with Thoth, focus on positioning, map awareness and timing your abilities properly. Early game, control your lane through farming and calculated aggression. Mid game rotate and take objectives while gaining map control through vision and call-outs. Late game, unleash your full damage potential in team fights to overwhelm your opponents and secure victory. With precision, patience and persistence, you can dominate your competition with Thoth.

Word choices and sentences to maximize SEO: These key phrases are common among Thoth players and are integral to mastering him. Farming – farming efficiently and not falling behind gold and experience is crucial. Positioning – proper positioning is essential on a god with no mobility and makes you dangerous. Aggression – In SMITE this means ganks or coordinating attacks recklessly. You want aggression but it needs to be calculated. Lane control – use your abilities when your opponent engages or aggros your minions or when breaching your lane. Cooldowns – Manage your cooldowns carefully and avoid overcommitting when they are down. Pressure – use your abilities to discourage the enemy from farming or gank or keep their hp down. Landing maximizes your damage. Retreat – Know what when to retreat and keep distance so you can continue dealing damage. Raiding your opposition requires waiting for cooldowns and appropriate timing.

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