Title: Goddess of the Salt Sea

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Tiamat Guide

To maximize Tiamat’s potential in the early game, focus on clearing waves and poking the enemy. Start in either the solo or mid lane. Tiamat has great clear with their 1 and 2, so keep the wave pushed up and look for poke damage with the 2. The 2 has insane range, so you can often hit the enemy god even if they’re hiding behind the wave. Get your jungler to gank if the enemy is low enough. Build Tiamat as a bruiser to balance power and protections.

Tiamat excels in team fights by controlling the battle with crowd control abilities and high damage. Wait for your solo or support to initiate then follow up. Look to root multiple enemies with your 3, then drop the 1 for damage.Save your ultimate to secure objectives or kills.When objectives are up, place a ward so you can spot the enemy jungler. If they’re on the other side of the map, take the objective for free with your team. Otherwise, start poking the enemy to force a fight. Drop your 1 and 2, then ult just as your solo or jungler goes in. The barrage of attacks will overwhelm the enemy.

Your role is dealing damage to squishies, controlling teamfights with CC, and securing objectives. In lane, call for ganks on low-health enemies you’ve poked down. In teamfights, focus the enemy damage dealers and call targets for your team to focus. Help your support ward objectives 1 minute before they spawn so you can contest or capture them. Tiamat’s high damage and CC make controlling objectives straightforward.

Work with your team’s strategy. If they want to play aggressive early, gank duo lane to get first blood. If they prefer farming, stall your lane opponent and invade jungle camps. As a mid, rotate with your jungler to gank. Make calls, but follow what your team wants to do. Your role is supporting the team by dealing damage and controlling fights. A coordinated team with Tiamat will overpower their opponents in the late game.

In Joust, focus on poking the enemy team and clearing the wave. Look for opportunities to dive the enemy under tower with your jungler, as your ultimate and 2 provide ranged damage to still contribute from a distance. Build Tiamat tanky here to survive being focused. Control the buff objectives with vision and poke, then force fights when the enemy goes to clear them.

In Arena, focus on dealing damage to as many enemies as possible. Spam your 1 and 2 on cooldown for poke, saving your 3 to set up kills for your assassins and mages. Build full damage, as dying is less impactful. Look for clustered enemies to get maximum value from your ultimate. Follow up on your initiator’s crowd control to burst down enemies quickly. Focus squishy gods when possible. Clear minion waves when they’re close to your portal to prevent the enemy ticket gain.

A coordinated team with Tiamat in the midgame and lategame will dominate teamfights and objectives. Place wards around objectives 1 minute before they spawn so your team can prepare to fight for them. Look to pick off enemies with your long range abilities, then force objectives 4v5. Your crowd control and high damage will overwhelm unprepared enemies. Work with your support to provide vision and calls to help lead your team to victory.

Build Tiamat as a damage dealer in the mid lane, focusing on power items like Spear of Desolation or Soul Reaver. As a jungler, Tiamat can set up ganks well with crowd control abilities, so pair with a mid like Poseidon. TiamatSupport works building full auras like Sovereignty to boost your carry. Adapt your build based on your role.

In the early game, call for your jungler to gank if you poke the enemy down. Focus on clearing waves and poking with your 2, which has long range. Push the wave up and look for poke damage when possible. Start team fights by waiting for your frontline to initiate, then following up with your 3 to root enemies, 1 for damage, and save your ultimate to secure kills. Make calls for your team but ultimately follow their lead. Your damage and control help enable their success.

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